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1984-99 ST Solo Seat and Mount Kit includes leather Police
Solo Seat. Order cover separately.
VT No. 47-0801
FXST Solo Seat Bracket Kit is used to mount solo seats on
the 1984-99 FXST models. Note: Front T can be used for a
universal front seat mount on any frame.
VT No. Item
31-1984 A and B Complete Kit
31-1985 B Front T
31-0810 Complete
FX-FLST Solo Seat Kit includes mount kit with 5" springs,
frame cover and leather solo seat.
VT No. Year
47-0548 1984-99
47-0549 2000-05
Seat Mounts
47-0548 Installed
Hydra-Solo Mount includes mini-adjustable stock, seat T" and
mount brackets. Mount cover not included. Unit can be mounted
to any flat surface.
VT No. Item
31-0971 Hydra-Solo Mount
31-1003 Frame Cover
2006-up FXST-FLST
00-up ST Solo Seat Kit includes
brackets and hardware to fit ST mod-
els. Use with solo seat styles such as
47-0110, 47-0158. Lower mount
bracket includes integral frame cover.
4" seat springs supplied.
VT No. Item
31-0942 Mount Kit Only
47-0793 Seat Kit
Chrome Solo Seat Bracket mounts all Police size Solo sad-
dles on 1986-93 FXST& FLST models direct to the frame
without the use of a seat T" bracket. Kit includes all neces-
sary hardware, including chrome 4" springs and 2 chrome
brackets. Order 4" springs separately.
VT No. Item
31-0414 Bracket Kit
31-0825 Front Bracket
31-0440 Spring Cross Support Only
42-0436 Black Frame Cover