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Corbin-Gentry matching solos and pads feature a button
design. All have metal baseplate. Order mount hardware for
solos separately. Smaller styles for custom builders.
VT No. Type
47-0125 Rigid
8" W x 16" L
47-0127 Swing Arm
10" W x 13" L
Solo Seats by
Corbin-Gentry Solos in Naugahyde are full contour on steel baseplate. Order brackets for mounting separately.
VT No. # Type
47-0122 A Solo
12" W x14" L
47-0123 B Rigid Solo, Thin
11" W x 17" L
47-0124 C Bucket Rigid, Solo 13" W x 17" L
47-0121 D Solo
12" W x 14" L
Note: Styles B & C fit Rigid or ST frames and A & D fit Swing Arm Frames.
Solo Seat features naugahyde construction with 6" genuine leather fringe or concho style
skirt. Custom Solo style accepts 3" or 5" springs. Seat measures 12" long by 9" wide and can
be mounted with or without seat Tís. Matching pad features nickel spots and measures 14"
long by 13.5" wide.
VT No. Style
47-8692 Fringe
47-8681 Sonora
47-8683 Pad, All
47-8692 Installed
Solo Combo Set by Corbin-
Gentry features 3 button design
in Naugahyde with a metal
baseplate. Solo seat measures
12" x 12" and has threaded
inserts to accept bolts or studs
to mount springs and nose
bracket. Pad measures 7" x 11"
and mounts by
bolts on
under side. Order mount kit sep-
VT No. Item
47-0087 CG Seat Set
47-0089 Solo Seat only
47-0088 Pad only
Micro Solo Seat by Corbin-
Gentry features detailed stitches
and button pattern.
VT No. Size
47-0988 13L x 8.5W x 2"