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Krommett-Light Studs. 12 volt mini lamps with Krommett
base to attach license plates and accessories. Set of 4.
VT No. Color
33-2062 Amber
33-2064 Blue
License Plate Reflectors for
attaching license plate. Available
in red or blue.
VT No. Color
37-0014 Red
37-0015 Blue
Real Glass License Plate Reflectors have 10-24 stud with
nuts and washers, pair.
VT No. Color
VT No.
37-8891 Red
37-8892 Blue
Jewel Glass License Plate Bolt Set fea-
tures 1" OD stainless bezel with a 12V
lighted red faceted glass lens, sold in
VT No. Color
33-0553 Amber
License Plate Mounting
Hardware Kit includes chrome
plated rubber insulators to
reduce vibration.
VT No. # Item
7815-4 A Acorn Style
9871-10 B Custom
9872-10 C Button Allen
Taillamp Plates
Chrome Taillamp and License Plate Holder for 7 1/4" x 4"
plate size. Accepts type of tail lamp as noted.
VT No. Type
31-0173 Lucas and Cat Eye
31-0637 Lucas (5" x 7")
31-0632 Lucas (Recessed)
31-0631 Cateye (Recessed)
31-0605 Maltese (Recessed)
31-0309 Maltese (Horizontal)
31-0711 Maltese (Vertical)
31-0872 Cateye (Vertical)
31-0175 Side mount bracket (31-0173)
31-0634 Side Mount bracket (31-0605)
Chrome Maltese License
Plate Mount Bolt Set fea-
tures 1/4 x 20 Nyloc nuts.
VT No. 37-1958
Skull Krommets feature LED eyes, pair.
VT No. Color
33-0856 Amber
37-9076 Chrome
37-9077 Gold
Logo Style License Bolt Set.
VT No. Style
37-1959 Logo
37-1960 Skull
VT No. Color
33-0554 Green
33-0555 Blue
License Plate Bolts