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Iso-Mirrors feature isolated mirror at head mount with far view.
Viewing area encircled.
VT No. 34-1225
Split Vision Mirrors
Split Vision Mirror Set features out board convex mirror for
wide angle view. Split Vision Mirror has small outboard inset for
seeing panoramic view of the scene behind you. The main mir-
ror is for normal view and the small convex inset shows wider
VT No. Stem Type
34-8119 With 2 Stems
34-8120 Slot Stem
34-8121 Spear Stem
34-8122 Sickle Stem
Billet Mirror Sets features drilled stems with teardrop shape
head with built in LED in back side.
VT No. Type
34-8219 Set with LED
34-8220 Set with LED 2 sides
Mirrors sold as pairs.
VT No. Stem Type
34-0872 Plain
34-0873 Girder
VT No. Stem Type
34-0874 Diamond
34-8010 Slot
Pork Chop Mirror Sets features billet stems. Sold as right and
left set.
VT No. Stem
34-1226 Long Short
34-1227 Slot
34-1228 Twisted
Detail of
viewing area
Chopper Mirrors
VT No. Stem
34-1229 Spear
34-1230 3-Skull
34-1231 Sickle