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All Mirrors are covered under ôReplacement
Provision. No credit will be
issued for these items as they are exchange only.
Chrome Billet Mirror features adjustable angle face. Sold as
VT No. Type
34-0389 Ball Milled
34-0698 Smooth
Lucifer Billet Mirror Sets include right and left side with stems.
VT No. Stem
34-8001 Scroll
34-8002 Curve Stem
34-8003 Sickle
Zoid Mirrors sold each with stem.
VT No. Stem
34-8004 Sickle
34-8005 Smooth
34-8006 Spike
Kaiser Billet Mirrors include stem fit right and left side.
VT No. Stem
34-8007 Ball Milled
34-8008 Curve Stem
34-8009 Maltese
Fire Ball Mirror Sets are available with long flame stems or
curved stems types. Include both long and short stems. Mirrors
feature full chrome or chrome with gold inlay.
VT No. Stem Finish
34-0398 Curved Chrome
34-0490 Curved Gold Inlay
34-0489 Flame Chrome
Deco Mirror Sets.
VT No. Stem
34-0887 Billet
34-8111 Long Short
34-8112 Flame
VT No. Stem
34-8215 Spear
34-8216 Sickle