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Rectangular Mirror Set includes billet
VT No. 34-0386
Wyatt Gatling Mirror available with stock
or billet stems.
VT No. Stem
34-0391 Short Stock
34-0392 Long Stock
34-0393 Billet
Taper Mirror Set features Billet stems.
VT No. 34-0333
2003-up Style Replica Mirror Set.
VT No. Type
34-0292 Short
34-0332 Long
Chrome Billet Mirror Set features curved
stems to fit 1982-up models, pair.
VT No. 34-0292
Oval Vision Deep Dish Mirror with radius
stem. Sold each for right or left side.
VT No. 34-0348
Billet Mirror Set by Wyatt Gatling
VT No. 34-0374
Chrome Mirror features adjustable ball
swivel for head.
VT No. 34-0724
Ace Mirrors for left side use feature Billet
VT No. Style
34-0722 Smooth
34-0723 Ball Milled
Oval Mirror fits right and left side and
includes 2 stems.
VT No. 34-8217
Billet Mirror Set features sequential LED
turn signal on back side.
VT No. 34-9157
Chrome Billet Replica Mirror Set.
VT No.34-0758