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Chrome Plated ABS
Headlight Housing
Only. For conversion
order internal kit 33-
2070 separately.
Use on all 1980-86 FLT,
1983-85 FLHT, FLHTC,
1987-92 FLHS. Available
with or without throttle
cable hole.VT No. 24-
0247 has hole for cable.
VT No. OEM Type
24-0247 67704-83 With throttle cable hole
24-0260 67680-91 Without throttle cable hole
FLT Headlamp
Chrome Front Fork Air Baffle fits
1980-up FLT/FLHT models, does not
fit 1998-up FLTR. Replaces 58520-
VT No. 24-0272
1987-up FLHT
Chrome Lower Fork
Stem Cover replaces
VT No. 42-0911
Chrome Wind Deflectors,
mount onto fork brackets.
Fits 1983-up FLHT/FLHR.
Replaces 58121-85.
VT No. 50-1008
Stock Slider Covers
fit 1949-up model
forks. Stock length is
6 5/8" overall.
VT No. Finish
24-0190 Chrome
24-9962 Stainless
Chrome Upper Fork
Covers are a unique
2 piece design which
allows easy installa-
tion over stock cov-
ers without fork dis-
assembly or removal.
All components are
chrome plated steel.
24-0227 68062-94 1994-up FLHR
24-0228 68064-94 1986-up FLT& U, 1987-93 FLHS
24-0229 68063-94 1986-up FLHTC & U
Chrome Headlamp Cowl Kit fits 1980-86 FLT,
1983-85 FLHT-FLHTC and 1987-92 FLHS includes
chrome ABS headlight housing, 7" H-4 lamp assem-
bly with rim, upper fork covers (which can be
installed without disassembly of fork) and chrome
fork air baffle.
VT No. Model
24-0286 1980-86 FLT, 1983-85 FLHT
24-0287 1987-92 FLHS
2001-up FLT Lower Triple
Tree Cover completely cov-
ers underside of tree.
VT No. 42-0920