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Stretched Tank features flat bottom for universal mounting on
extended neck frames, 24" long.
VT No. 38-0196
Flush Tank Mount Kit can be
welded to flat bottom tank for clean
VT No. 38-0236
Wyatt’s Tall Coffin Tank features Iso mount
strap system.
VT No. 38-0199
Wyatt’s Teardrop Tank features curved under-
side with recessed mount holes. 27" long.
VT No. 38-0279
Weld-On Bracket Set
Includes bushings and
steel sleeves.
VT No. 51-0631
Weld In Petcock Inserts.
VT No. Type Thread
38-0221 Male 1975-up
38-0309 Female 3/8 NPT
Tanks listed on this page
accept bung style vented
VT No. Style
38-0402 Pop-Up
38-0421 Cross
38-0405 Flame
38-0423 Maltese
38-7001 Eagle Spirit
Iso Mount Strap Set fits 38-0196, 38-
0187, 38-0197 tanks.
VT No. 38-0214
39-0196 Installed