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Radii LED Fender Mount
Taillamp features Billet brack-
et with Billet oval LED lamp
with LED amber turn signals.
VT No. 33-0609
Fender Mount
Chrome Billet Fender Mount LED Taillamps mount to 3 bolt
position on stock fenders. Rubber pad included.
VT No. Item
33-0353 Diamond
33-0386 Plain
33-0567 Slice
33-0385 Skull
33-0765 Maltese
33-0216 Iron Cross
33-0289 Zoid
33-0460 Katzyeyez
Mini Round Taillamp includes brake & taillamp 12v bulb.
VT No. 33-0676
Mini Cateye
Taillamp Kit
chrome taillamp
and alloy mount
bracket. Not
approved for
street use.
VT No. Size Item
33-0315 Small Kit
33-0316 Large Kit
33-0381 Small Lamp Only
33-0382 Large Lamp Only
Chrome Fender Mount Taillamp features clear lens red LED
VT No. 33-0885
SpartoTaillamp with red lens
mounts to fender.
VT No. Type
33-1079 Bulb
Maltese LED Lamp Kit is 2 3/8"
square with red lens mounted
black bracket separately.
VT No. Item
33-0820 Maltese
31-0866 Bracket
Taillamps/Headlamps listed are for show or decorative use only, not D.O.T. approved.
LED Boards will be warranted only. No credit will be issued on any lamps or
components with the 33 prefix. Lamps will either be exchanged or repaired and
returned to the dealer.