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Wire Sets & Clamps
Spark Plug Wire Clamps available in pair for 7 or 8mm wires.
VT No. Size Finish
37-9062 7mm Chrome
37-9072 7mm Alloy
37-2911 8mm Chrome
37-2912 8mm Alloy
8 mm Blue Streak XXX
Silicone Wire Sets features
quality construction of silicone
throughout the jacket, insulation
and core. This assures high
temperature resistance and high
durability. Silicone wire sets also
offer maximum RFI suppression.
Copper core wire sets are for
point type ignition systems only and feature a copper core wire
to allow for special improved electrical conductivity and
mechanical strength. All wire sets are supplied with electrical
boots and OEM style terminals that lock onto the spark plug.
Copper Core Sets
VT No. Fits
32-0252 1965-78 FL/FLH/FX/FXE
VT No. XXX Silicone Sets
32-0253 Universal Application Self Make Kit
32-0254 1980-84 FLH, 85-99 FXST, 91-98 FXD
Accel Thundersport 5mm Ignition Wire features half the
diameter of stock wire and is extremely flexible. Easy to run
through cylinder heads, rocker covers and frame tubes for a
hidden look. Packaged with two 5 foot leads, coil ends and
90 spark plug end. Coil end must be terminated. These
wires are a 5 mm high gloss silicone wire that is rated for over
550 F and 150 ohms per foot.
VT No.
Spark Plug Wire Tool strips 7 and
8 mm ignition wire, crimps spark
plug and distributor terminals.
VT No. 16-0514
Replica Spark Plug Cable Set replaces 31965-30 rubber
molded ends for 1930-60 Twins. Order coil packing, nuts and
washer kit separately.
32-0670 Wire Set
7804-6 Plug and Packing Kit
32-0813 Plug Boot Set
Universal Wire Sets are 40" long with double 90 spark boots.
Simply cut to the desired length and install coil terminal clips
supplied. Available in copper or suppression core.
VT No. Color
32-0647 Yellow
32-0648 Yellow
32-0650 Orange Copper
32-0651 Black
32-0696 Black
Wire Terminal
Lightning Bug Spark Wire
Ends are neon gas filled, glow
as strobe lights.Fit plugs with
screw terminal fittings only,
VT No. Color
32-1552 Blue
8 mm
7 mm
7 mm