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Shock & Ride Control
Replica Spring Fork Shock
Assembly replaces 54200-
45,includes all shock and
mounting hardware for 1946-57
Spring Fork.
VT No. Item
49-1942 Complete Kit, Black
49-1954 Replica Hardware Only
28-1951 Bushing set (14002-45) 4pc
49-0241 Loom Clip (9973)
Replica Ride Control is
reproduced as original to
control the action of the
Spring Fork. Features
chrome steel side bars
with black control knobs.
Replaces 11250-36 on
1937-48 61", 74" & 80",
1940-57 45 models.
49-1985 11250-36
Complete Unit
49-1940 11250-36
Complete Unit, Chrome
49-0139 13440-33
Includes the following: Knob,
Collar and
Spring Clip
49-0140 13431-33
Friction Disc (4)
49-0142 54051-33
Rubber Bushing (2)
Patent Logo Decal is full color alu-
minum with an adhesive backing.
VT No. Item
48-1729 Flat, 5 pk
48-0452 Curved for shock, each
I-Beam Fork Assembly features original VL styling of the
1930ís with the forged I-Beam rear leg. Length is 28" overall
from top to center of axle hole. Units accept springer 1936-48
BT bearing assembly and handlebar or triple trees from this
year group.
VT No. Finish
49-2850 Black
49-2851 Chrome
Spring Style
Front Fender
fits 18", 19", and
21" wheels.
Brackets must
be fabricated.
VT No. 50-0780
I-Beam Fork Assemblies
Note: Big Twin forks have offset rockers on right side.