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Replica Spring Fork
Spring Fork Assembly includes full set of springs, inner and
outer, front and rear legs, rocker set with all studs and bush-
ings, spring rods with bushings, some assembly needed.
Chrome units feature chrome front legs and outer springs with
chrome rockers with a black rear leg. Full chrome units have
both front and rear legs in chrome with chrome springs and
rockers.Top clamp, neck races and cone nut not included. 45
solo has inside rockers for small axle and internal brake
wheel. All other forks have offset outside mount rocker to uti-
lize interchangeable wheel with lug bolt type drum.
1936-37 BT have inboard grease fittings rear leg.
Black Chrome Chrome Model/Type
49-2400 49-2401 49-2413 Solo 45 Small
49-2416 Solo 45-XA, +2"
49-2402 49-2403 49-2414 Trike, 45 Servi
Big Twin 74 in line 1936-37
Big Twin 74 in line 1936-40
49-2404 49-2405 49-2411 Big Twin 74 in line 1941-45
49-2410 As Above +2" in line
49-2417 As Above +4" in line
49-2606 49-2512 49-2512 Fender + Horn Bracket
Set for Above, +2"
49-2615 Fender/Horn Bracket, +4"
49-2407 49-2406 49-2412 Big Twin offset 1946-48
49-2419 Big Twin offset +2" 1946-48
49-2400, 45 Style for
1930-52 has inboard
rockers which accept
a 3/8" axle
Forks will accept all original style components and
accessories for the detailed replica look.
These forks are replicas of the stock units with electric welded
and brazed construction.
The chrome units are unpolished at the rear fork stem cross
plate and at the front spring fork rod forging.
74" Offset Style
45" Inboard, with 3/8"
axle holes