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Multi-Colored Mini Gauges. 60 mm gauge features a 2.4" pol-
ished stainless body with a white face, total length of 2.7". Units
include a chrome bezel with choice of red, orange, blue, yellow,
white, green or purple by the push of a button. Works on 12 v
systems. Tach adapter required for use with single fire ignition.
Speedometer accepts 12 mm drive cable. Order clamp sepa-
VT No. Gauge Ratio
39-0417 Speedo 2:1
39-0434 Tach
60mm Electric Tach and Speedos fit
models 78-up for tach and 1995-up for
speedo applications. Units include
gauge, bracket and clamp.
VT No. Item
39-0392 Tach
39-0203 Housing
60mm Mini Electronic Speedo and Tach. Speedo features
easy push button recalibration and re-setable trip meter, with
LED lighting. 8000 RPM Tach has LED lamp. All units have
black face and include clamp. Order 12mm speedo cable sep-
Three functions are (1)accumulated mileage (this can not be reset), (2) Trip 1 (can
check total mileage for 1 full gas tank, can be reset to zero), (3) Trip 2 (calculate
mileage from A to B destination, can be reset to zero).
VT No. Ratio
39-0860 0-8000 RPM Tach
48mm Deco or 60mm Mini Speedometer and Tachometer
Kits include gauge, chrome bracket and rubber handlebar
clamp and proper cable which can be installed without any
adapters or modifications.
48mm 60mm
Deco Mini Radio
1936-67 FL
1973-95 FX, 1981-84 FL
1981-96 FXST-FLST
39-0316 1:1
1968-80 FL, 1971-72 FX,
1980-83 FXWG
Electric 3-wire type
31-9997 Fits All
Chrome Y mount
33-2008 Fits All
Light socket with bulb
33-2047 Fits All
12 Volt bulb, 10 pack
Note: For use on 1978-up models with coil triggered tach,
Green Negative wire goes to negative side of coil. Red wire
goes to ignition side of key switch. Tach head must be ground-
ed by black wire.
Cable 36-0512 fits 39-0314 & 39-0316 kits.
Cable 36-0603 fits 39-0315 kits.
Mini Gauge Kits
Mini Gauges includes cable and mount clamp and 4 LED
indicators. Note: 39-0556 & 39-0437 includes LS Speedo drive
for FXD models. Note: 60 mm size gauges feature 4 LED
lights. 48 mm have 3 LED lights.
Blue-High Beam
Yellow-Turn Signals
48 mm 60 mm Ratio
39-0436 39-0561 2240:60 Speedo
1981-94 ST
39-0438* 39-0576* 1978-up Tachometer Electric
*Note: Does not have LED indicators.
39-0435, 39-0436, 39-0550, 39-0561 have turn signal lights,
Pre90 models tap into orange wire exiting turn signal flasher
1991-up models signal indicator light cannot be used
Chrome Clamp includes molded rubber insert to
attach mini gauges to handlebars for less vibra-
tion.VT No. 28-0325
48mm Mini