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Big Twin Footboard Tabs
available in stamped or authentic
forged steel construction for
custom or stock frames. Sold in pairs
to be welded on 1936-84.
VT No. # Dia Type
27-0664 A 1" Forged Exact
" Forged Exact
Stamped Tabs
Frame Components
Chrome Rigid Vibrator Bar fits between side car loops on
1936-57 stock rigid frame.
VT No. 49-2560
Rigid Big Twin Frame Repair Parts to be welded on for
restoration or repair.
VT No. # Item
27-1560 A Footboard Tabs, Forged
27-0311 B Footboard Tabs, Stamped
51-0510 C Lower Fender Brace Rear
51-0503 D 5th Trans Mount
51-0508 E Side Car Loop Only
51-0528 F Rear Axle Plates Right and Left Pair
51-0502 G Right Front Brake Boss End, 2 Hole
51-0501 H Left Front Shift Boss End, 3 Hole
51-0541 I 1955-84 Lower Tank Mount with cross plate
51-0545 J 1948-54 Lower Tank Mount with cross plate
51-0632 JJ 1955-57 Lower Tank Mount without cross
51-0603 JJ 1936-E47 Lower Tank Mount
51-0572 K Battery Ground 6 Volt
51-0575 L Cable Mount Under Tank
51-0592 M 1948-54 Front Cable Tab
31-0475 N Motor Mount Spacer to fit Flat or Knuck
engine in 1948-up Frame
51-0593 O 1948-53 Horn Bracket Strips Set
51-0531 O Lower Inner Cover Tab, 1936-47
51-0542 P Lower Inner Cover Tab, 1948-57
51-0534 Q Right and Left Crossover Shaft Brace
51-0573 R Crossover Tube Only
51-0529 S Front Oil Tank Mount
51-0522 T Rear Motor Mt and Front Trans Mt 1936-57
51-0527 T Rear Motor Mt and Front Trans Mt 1958-84
51-0613 U Top Frame Tube 1948-84
Big Twin Motor Mount Shims for front and rear 1936-99.
VT No. Thickness
31-1305 .015
31-1306 .036
31-1307 .048
31-1310 .079
Big Twin Top Motor Mounts are 2 halves with seat tee and
rear tank mounts incorporated into the top mount. Weld in place
for accurate restoration.
VT No. # Fits
51-0509 A 1936-47 Knuck
51-0584 B 1948-52 Pan
51-0530 C 1953-69 Pan-Shovel
51-0505 D 1970-84 Shovel
Weld On Mount Tabs fit Rigid Frames when mounting brake
VT No. Type
51-0511 Hydraulic Rear Back Plate
51-0512 Caliper Arm Tab
51-0513 1987-99 Caliper Mount Strap (RS)
51-0845 1987-99 Caliper Mount Strap (LS)
51-0717 1987-99 Caliper Mount Strap (LS)
Neck Lock Tab to be welded on
Big Twin neck for use with lower
glide lower tree with tab.
VT No. 51-0517
1936-57 Big Twin Rigid Transmission
Mount Location Fixture will accurately
locate the 4 mount bolts and will correctly
position the 5th mount.
VT No. 51-0637