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Gunfighter Saddles feature sewn inlay
of colored flames on rear pad area with
matching flame stitch and thread in
front driver area. Original style includes
textured top panel in driver area and
silver chrome accent to separate the
driver and tail area.
VT No. # Style/Color
47-0569 B Yellow Flame
47-0568 B Orange Flame
47-0567 B Red Flame
VT No. # Style/Color
47-0585 B Blue Flame
47-0581 B Aqua Flame
47-0577 B Purple Flame
Freedom Smoothie Saddles are a 2 piece design on a single
steel baseplate.
VT No. Style
47-8651 Original
47-8656 Original Leather Smooth
47-0238 Classic
Concho, chrome spots
47-8722 Classic
Concho, black spots
47-8694 Classic
Fringe, chrome spots
Voyager Series for FX
models 1958-84 feature
full comfort design for
the longest ride.
VT No. Style
47-0257 With Spots
47-0258 Without Spots
Rear Seat Mount Tab Kit
allows removal of seat
without reaching under
fender. Kit includes black
bracket, nylon washer,
knob, x 28 x x 20 flat-
head allen screw and "
well nut, to place in fender
if stock x 28 hole is
stripped. Purchase rear
seat tab separately.
VT No. 31-0176
Chrome Seat Mount Tab use 31-4017 front, 31-4018 rear on
1981-84 models when installing a one piece seat. Use 31-
4018, on 1979-up XL Seat VT No. 31-4013 fits FXWG-FXE-
FXST 1973-up rear. Use nylon washer under seat tab.
31-4017 52107-86 Nose FXR
31-4018 51651-79 Rear FXR
31-0413 51652-83 Rear FXE-FXWG
31-0653 52467-00 Rear Tab Kit, 2000-up
37-8858 6410
Nylon Washer, 25 pc
1958-84 FX-FL Saddles
VT No. # Style/Color
47-8665 A Original
47-0461 B Black Flame
47-0589 B Teal Flame
1958-85 BT Smoothie Saddles
Seat Brackets
Rear Set Bracket fits 1972-84 FXE.
VT No. 31-4014