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1974-77 FX Single Caliper Pieces.
VT No. # OEM
23-1723 K 44275-74 Piston
12-0943 L 44274-74 Piston, Friction Ring
23-0514 A&B 44281-74 Pad Set
23-0606 E&F 44277-74 Caliper Seal Kit
Service Kit includes C,D,E,F,G,N
23-1747 C&D 44280-74 Caliper Pin Set, 2 piece
44283-74 Set
23-1995 H 44272-74 Anchor Arm
I 44276-74 Plate, Floating Lining
37-8996 M Kit
Mount Bolt Kit Chrome
23-1730 J Complete Black Caliper Assy w/A-F+H,I
23-0711 N 41749-58 Bleeder Screw
8759-5 O 41191-74 Chrome Rotor Screw Set
1974-77 FX Single Disc Front Caliper Assembly features
stock type construction in black or chrome with piston installed.
Caliper units include zinc plated brackets and hardware. Fits 11
1/2" rotor on stock 35mm forks.
VT No. Finish
23-1730 Black
23-1737 Chrome
1974-77 FX Chrome Caliper Kit includes zinc or polished
stainless steel 11.5" rotor.
VT No. Disc
23-0564 Steel
23-0565 Stainless Steel Polished
1974-77 Front Caliper Service Fix Kit includes
seal kit, spring, pins and bleeder screw.
VT No. 23-0148
1974-77 Single Disc Caliper Kit includes billet caliper, 11.5"
drilled zinc plated steel rotor and mount bolts.
VT No. Item
23-4513 Caliper Only (GMA)
23-1100 Caliper Only (Edart)
23-1106 Caliper Only (Smooth)
1974-77 Front Caliper
1974-77 “Clover Leaf Style" 11 1/2" Rotors.
VT No. Type Finish
23-0302 Drilled Zinc
23-0303 Plain Zinc
23-0317 Drilled Stainless Steel
23-9042 Drilled Stainless Steel, Polished Russell
23-0358 Drilled Stainless Steel, Polished Dura
23-0636 Drilled Stainless Steel
Chrome Front Caliper-Rotor Covers
for 1972-84 front FLH 1973-81, rear FX-
VT No. Year Fits
42-0311 1973-80 Front Rotor
42-0312 1972-84 Front Caliper
1973-80 Rear Cali[per
37-0093 Caliper Cover Bolt Set
*Note: For right side to match 42-0311.
FLT-FLHT Chrome Rotor Covers fit all 1980-up FLT-FLHT
with dual disc. Completely covers the front disc. Includes
required spacers. Sold in pairs.
VT No. Years Type
42-9952 1980-81 Rotor
42-9958 1980-83 Caliper
Chrome Rear Rotor Cover bolts
on for a secure installation. Fits
1981-83 FLT-FLHT.
VT No. 42-0335
Chrome Caliper
Rotor Covers