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Panhead Valve Cover Screws in hex
stock type, with built-in washer or allen
screw type. Long screws for thick alloy
D-rings. Short screws fit steel D-Rings.
VT No. Item
Fits D-Rings Type
8732-24 Chrome Alloy
8733-24 Cadmium Alloy
8736-24 Chrome Alloy
8734-24 Chrome Steel
8735-24 Cadmium Steel
8737-24 Chrome Steel
9984-24 Chrome Washer Set
9985-24 Cadmium Washer Set
1/4 x 20 Thread Screws for Heads with stripped out threads.
Pack of 6.
VT No. Item
Fits D Rings
2013-6 Chrome Alloy
2014-6 Cadmium Alloy
2015-6 Chrome Steel
2016-6 Cadmium Steel
D-Rings. Order proper screws separately.
VT No. Finish
42-0104 Chrome
42-0758 Zinc
42-0105 Chrome
Thick Alloy
42-0029 Polished Thick Alloy
Panhead Covers
Panhead Covers in sets for 1948-65 Big Twin.
VT No. Finish Type
42-0103 Chrome Pan Cover Set
42-0640 Chrome Pan Cover Set
42-0759 Aluminum Pan Cover Set
42-0639 Chrome Ribbed Pan Cover Set
Inner Felts
Pan Felts
Replica Pan Felts
Replica Stainless Steel Panhead Valve Covers are produced
by New Tooling for exact fit and shape. Replaces 17500-48.
VT No. Finish
42-0771 Stainless
42-0901 Chrome Stainless
42-0771 Replica
SS Pan Covers
Shown w/42-
0029 Pol Rings
Panhead Rocker
Assemblies are complete
with shafts and blocks for
Big Twin Panheads 1948-
65. Note: Upper and lower
block set may have to be
honed before final assem-
bly for proper arm fit. Sold
VT No. Item
11-0526 Rocker Arm Assy, rear exhaust, front intake
11-0527 Rocker Arm Assy, rear intake, front exhaust
11-0528 Rocker Arm only, rear exhaust, front intake
11-0529 Rocker Arm only, rear intake, front exhaust
12-2114 Rocker arm stud 8-piece
9917-8 As Above Colony
12-0571 Stud nut 10 pack replaces 7727
11-0530 Front oiler replaces 18100-49
11-0531 Rear oiler replaces 18102-49
12-9912 Rocker dowel pin set
1948-65 Panhead Rocker Arm Assembly Kit includes all
pieces to completely assemble the rocker arms on both heads.
Includes 4 rocker arm assemblies with matching fitted rocker
arms, heat treated studs and lock nuts, intake oiler tubes and
dowel pins.
VT No. 11-0480