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Outer Primary Covers
Big Twin Outer Primary Covers are from new die cast tooling to replace stock parts. Kits include chrome primary cover, chrome
allen screws, outer cover starter bearing and gaskets for derby, inspection and outer cover. All other covers are sold as cover only. Par t
number for screw kit given for reference only.
# VT No. OEM
Finish Fits/Type
4 Speed Chain Drive
43-0201* 60508-70 Chrome 1970-84 FLH, with tab and chain final drive
43-0458 60508-70 Chrome 1970-84 FLH with tab
43-0231* Kit
Chrome As Above
43-0208 60508-70 Polished 1970-84 FLH, with tab
43-0262* 60508-70 Polished 1970-84 FLH with tab
43-0354* Kit
Polished 1970-84 FLH with tab
43-0200* 60547-77 Chrome 1970-82 FXE, 8 hole with chain final drive
43-0256 60547-77 Chrome 1970-82 FXE, 9 hole with chain final drive
43-0230* Kit
Chrome As Above
43-0207 60547-77 Polished 1982-85 FXE, 9 hole with chain drive
Chrome 1970-84 FX with milled slots for venting on belt drive models, 8 holes.
4 Speed Rear Belt Drive
43-0140 60525-82 Chrome 1982-85 FLH, 9 hole
Chrome 1982-85 FLH, 9 hole with belt final drive
43-0243 60525-82 Chrome 1982-85 FLH, Note: Par tially drilled 9th hole
43-0348 60531-83B Chrome 1983-85 FX, 9 hole
Chrome 1982-85 FXB 9 hole with belt final drive
43-0242* 60498-80 Chrome 1980-82 FX, 8 hole
5 Speed FXR-FLT
43-0204 60605-79 Chrome 1982-84 FXR, 1980-84 FLT
Chrome As Above
Chrome 1982-84 FXR, 1980-84 FLT
*Note: Par tially drilled 9 hole
1965-69 FL Outer
Primary Cover Kit
includes polished or
chrome outer prima-
ry cover, chrome
derby cover, chrome
inspection cover,
starter shaft exten-
sion, gaskets and
VT No. Finish
43-0045 Polished
43-0046 Chrome
Steel Inner Primary Covers to fit 1970-84 without electric start.
VT No. Type
42-0617 Inner
42-0612 Outer
1970-84 Chrome Steel FX Outer
Primary for use with or without
electric start on aluminum inner pri-
mary covers, has provision to
accept starter bearing.
VT No. 42-9950
Floorboard Tab
for 1970-84 FLH
Chrome Allen
Screw Kit