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Inner Bearing and Seal Kit For Big Twins.
VT No. OEM Fits
17-0510 9037 1965-69 4-Speed
17-0511* 9040 1970-84 4-Speed
17-0503* Dbl Seal 1970-84 4-Speed
12-0373 9040 1970-78 4-Speed without seal, thin
12-0356 9061 L1979-E84 4-Speed
14-0104 12018 1970-84 Seal, 5 pack
*Note: Includes bearing seal
Bearings Only, Number of Shields Noted.
12-0373 9040 1970-78 thin, no shield
12-0313 9061 1970-84 Sealed, 2 shield
12-0340 8975 1980-84 5-Speed FXR-FLT, 2 shield
GB BT Primary O-Rings.
Inner Case to Engine
14-0511 11125
Outer Primary Cover Bushing/Bearing presses in
outer primary cover to secure end of starter shaft.
12-0318 9063
1965-88 Needle Bearing
Big Twin Starter Block Off Kit for use on all 1965-84 4-Speed
Big Twin models.
VT No. 18-1136
Twi n
Off Kit
Primary Cover
(not included)
GB Inner Primary Repair Gasket Kit
includes gasket to replace O-Ring seal
when the lip of the motor is partially or
entirely broken off. To avoid machining &
welding, grind the partially broken lip
smooth and install the gasket. Special
lock and bolts included.
VT No. Year
15-0223 1970-85
Primary Case Saver protects inner
case and starter housing area which
is damaged by drive chain.
Reinforced nylon.
VT No. 19-0415
Aluminum Inner Primary
Mounting Kits contain all stock
type hardware for mounting alu-
minum inner chain housing on
all Big Twin.
VT No. Years
37-8665 1965-69 Lock Ring Kit with Studs and Bolts
8798-12 1965-69 Colony Lock Ring with Bolts
17-0942 As Above Lock Ring Only
37-8666 1970-79 Kit with Studs and Bolts
9868-26 As Above, Colony
37-8667 1980-85
9869-24 As Above, Colony
37-8803 1971-up Bolt with Wire Hole
12-2113 1980-84 Stud Trans Ear
17-9222 1980-83 FLT-FXR, Lock Tab
Primary Baffle Plate replaces
60556-74 on all 1970-84 FX-FL.
Helps keep oil out of clutch pack.
VT No. 12-1519
1970-up Big Twin Inner
Primary Lock Tab. One
piece design eliminates need
for safety wire, 5 pack.
VT No. 17-0937
Inner Primary Bearing
Chain Oiler Fitting replaces 60549-70 on FL-FX 1970-84,
attaches to inner primar y cover, each.
VT No. Item
40-0524 Oiler
40-9976 Side hole for extra oil
James Inner Primary O-Ring Saver Kit replaces stock type
O-ring with a gasket. Used for repairing damaged crankcase O-
ring sealing lip. Available with a silicone beaded metal gasket or
a foam rubber coated gasket. Includes lock tab.
VT No. Item
15-1280 Metal Beaded
15-1281 Metal Foam Rubber