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Crankcase Sets
S&S OHV Crankcase Sets are shipped set up with Timken left
side bearing and race assembly, seal and seal spacer, oil pump
drive bushing, needle bearing and pinion race for right side,
(pressed in and line honed) ready to assemble. Also included
are cylinder studs, nickel plated case bolts, crankcase fittings
and a timing and magnetic drain plug. Accepts wheels up to
8½" diameter. 10-0028 Knuck Cases fit Panhead style frames &
later model oil pump. Note: Oil pump required for assembly for
stock bore.
VT No. Year
Oil Pump
10-0028 1936-47
10-0029 1948-64
10-0030 1965-69
10-0003 1970-84 Shovel Stock
10-0004 1970-84 Shovel 3.878 (3 5/8) 12-8002
S&S OHV Alternator-Generator Crankcase Set is shipped
with left side bearing race, oil pump drive bushing, cylinder
base studs, idler stud, circuit breaker stud, pinion needle bear-
ing and pinion race installed. Pinion race is lined. Honed and
ready for assembly. Also included are nickel plated case bolts,
crankcase fittings, left side motor bearing, seal and spacer.
Accepts wheels up to 8 1/2" diameter.
VT No. Cylinder Type Bore Oil Pump
10-0290 Knucklehead 3 7/16" 12-8001
10-0280 Panhead
3 7/16" 12-8001
10-0034 Shovel
3 7/16" 12-8001
10-0044 Shovel
3 5/8" 12-8001
3 1/2" 12-8001
Delkron Engine Cases feature permanent mold
castings, CNC machined with a contoured inspection plate. All
cases accept a stroke up to 5". Note oil pump year required.
Also offered with Timken bearings, race and pinion race
installed. Line lapped to standard size and cylinder studs
W/Tmkn VT No. Year Models/Bore
Oil Pump
10-0020 10-0012 1970-84 Shovel Stock
1970-84 Shovel 3 5/8"
15-0689 All
Sump Gaskets, 10 pk
Lifter Base Screws
8519">37-8519 1955-69 Cam Cover Screws
1970-84 Shovel
Chrome Oversize Plugs with Tap. Kit
includes a tap and a dome head plug.
VT No. Type
7502-2 Engine Drain Plug & Tap
7503-1 Engine Drain Oversize Plug
7500-2 Timing
Tap & Plug, Acorn
7501-1 Timing
Acorn Plug, O.S.
9407-1 Timing
Motor Case Drain Plug/Oil Pump Body Plug
replaces 453-11 and 700 plug fits Big Twin case
1911-70, oil pump body 1968-84.
VT No. Finish
8116-1 Chrome
8117-1 Cadmium
9675-1 Parkerized