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Chrome Steel Braided Oil Line Sets
are complete lines for Big Twin models.
VT No. Fits
40-9995 1968-80 Shovelhead 4-speed
models, stock
oil tank & stock inner primary,
w/o elbows
40-9996 1968-80 Shovelhead wrap
around oil tank &
stock inner primary, w/elbows
40-9940 1970-84 Complete (5 pc)
1966-84 SS Lines
Pre Cut Kits for Big Twins. Genuine
Russell “Pro-Flex" stainless steel lines
with polished clamps are pre-cut to exact
length for each application listed.
Supplied with polished “Tube Seal" ends.
Chain primary kits include primary vent
and oil return lines. Use original T con-
VT No. Fits
40-9830 1968-84 FX-FL, all models with
Chain Primary,
6 hoses, 12 clamps
40-9850 1968-84 FX-FL, all models with
Chain Primary and Oil Cooler,
7 hoses, 14 clamps
40-9930 1968-84 FL-FX Oil Cooler kit,
2 hoses, 4 clamps
40-9890 1968-84 Oil Line Kit, FX-FL
Oil Line Without Elbows fit Big Twins
with wraparound
oil tank and tin primary covers. Order VT
No. 40-0514, 3 piece fitting set to con-
nect lines to oil pump or tanks that have
1/8" NPT threaded inserts.
VT No. Size U/M Type
Set Without Elbow
Set With Elbow
40-0367 17" Each Without Elbow
40-0366 20" Each Without Elbow
40-0365 25" Each Without Elbow
Stainless Oil Line Kit includes (1) 10’
" braided hose, (6) chrome econo-seal
hose ends.
VT No. 40-0418
Compression Fitting and Hose Kit
includes (6) reusable compression fittings
" NPT threads for oil pumps and
tanks, and 10 feet of
" stainless steel
braided hose.
VT No. 40-0459
Jagg Oil Cooler Bypass
Valve works in conjunc-
tion with all oil coolers as
a manual version of a
VT No. 40-1521
Jagg Oil Coolers feature multipass oil flow configuration, spe-
cially designed turbulators in each oil passage way, highly con-
centrated mini-louvered air fins and are available in deluxe,
black on chrome.
Vertical Mount
Deluxe Slim Line Chrome Fits
40-1510 40-1511 40-1512 1955-83 Panhead/Shovelhead,
1982-94 FXR
Sifton Oil Cooler replica
style in black or chrome.
VT No. Finish
40-0305 Black
40-0306 Chrome
Oil Cooler Brackets will mount 40-0305 & 40-
0306 Sifton Coolers to the models listed.
Replaces 62574-77, FLH.
VT No. 31-0154
Oil Coolers