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Daytona Twin Tec
Internal Ignition
Kit for 1984-99
Evo Big Twin,
Shovelhead Big
Twin and 1971-97
Sportster models.
Kit includes igni-
tion, coil and spark
plug wire set.
VT No. 32-3015
Daytona Twin Tech Ignitions
Twin Tec Internal Ignition for
1970-99 Models. Two advance
curve families with adjustable
advance slope accommodate
stock to highly modified
engines. Digitally set RPM Limit
(100 RPM Steps). Selectable
single or dual fire mode. Coil
outputs protected against short
circuits. Optional PC link cable
and software for programming custom advance curve.
VT No. Item
32-1005 Ignition
32-2013 3 Ohm Coil Single Fire
V-Tech Ignition Kits are available in dual fire
where there
are 2 sparks at the same time and single fire
where there is
1 spark for each cylinder when it is fired, (separate). Each kit
includes a mechanical advance unit and all hardware. Order
coil separately 32-0467 coil has 2 separate coils inside to fire
VT No. Item Type
32-0468 Kit Dual Fire
32-0469 Kit Single Fire
Ignition Kits and
Advance Units
Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit replaces 32592-
78, to replace points and early electronic ignitions for
1970-79 FL, 1971-79 FX-XL models.
VT No. 32-8008
Mallory Unilite
Breakerless Ignition
System for 1970-99 all
Twins. Dual fire unilite
module features inte-
grated photo coupler,
signal processor and
power switch. Requires
mechanical advance
assembly and ignition
coil with 3.0 to 4.0
VT No.
Ignition System
Mechanical Advance
Replacement Ignition Modules
bolt-on replacements. Harness
32-9014 required as noted.
Replaces 32399-84A. Fits1980-
84 FX-FL.
VT No. 32-9015
Chrome Module Covers fits
VT No. 42-0399