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W ar r a nty
Al l L i g h ti n g (He a d li g h ts , Ta il li g h t s, S ig n a ls , Sp o t l am p , M a rke r) so l d a s i n di vi d u a l p i e ce s o r in k it s a re co ve r e d
un d e r o u r wa r ra n t y ôRe p l a ce m e nt
O n ly "
P ro vi si o n . A ll i t em p a r t n um b e rs b e gi n wit h a 3 3 p re f i x. No cr ed i t wil l b e
is su e d fo r t h es e it e m s as t h e y a re e xc h a ng e o n l y.
1955-72 Taillight and Plate Holders
Stock Type Taillight 1955-72 FL-XL models, includes lens
housing and internals, complete.
33-0300 68006-64 Chrome Complete
33-0299 68006-64 Primer Complete
15-0209 68123-55 Fender Gasket (Rubber)
15-0322 68123-55 Fender Gasket (Foam)
15-0760 68123-55 Fender Gasket (Sponge)
15-0301 68122-55 Lens Gasket, 5 pack
33-1963 68090-55 Red Lens Glass
33-0506 68090-55 Blue Dot Red Lens Glass
33-0504 68090-69 Red Plastic Lens
33-0519 68090-69 Blue Dot Red Plastic Lens
33-1964 68086-55 Chrome Rim
33-0530 68093-55 Clear Top Lens only, 1969-72
15-0302 68121-55 Top Lens Gasket
Light & Bracket Kit.
Chrome 3-piece license
plate bracket and the early
chrome taillight assembly
display packaged. Use on
all 1955-72 FL-XL models.
VT No. 33-1955
1955-72 Lens and Rim Kit includes 2
screws, chrome rim, lens gasket and
red lens.
VT No. 33-0550
1955-72 Chrome Taillight Visor
shown installed on VT No. 33-0300
VT No. 42-0206
Replica Glass Lens for antique applications, for show use
only, not D.O.T. approved.
Type Use
33-2001 5065-25 1915-33 Clear Rear
5054-20 Lens Set Red
33-2154 68092-25 1935-38 Clear Rear
Cone 68091-20 Lens Set Red
33-2051 68094-39 1939-46 Clear Rear
33-2052 68090-39 1939-46 Red
33-0502 68090-47 1947-54 Red
33-2124 68093-47 1947-54 Clear Rear
33-1963 68090-55 1955-68 Red
33-2125 68455-35 1935-66 Frosted Front
33-2027 Moto Lamp 1935-47 Clear Head Lamp
49-2511 67731-35 1935-47 Clear H.L., Replica
49-0923 67731-35 1935-47 Clear H.L.
33-1222 68660-38 1938-62 Clear Spot
33-2002 68662-38 1936-62 Red
Replica Glass Lens
Taillamps/Headlamps listed are for show or decorative use only, and not D.O.T. approved.
ôStop" Taillamp Round Style as used
on early bobbers.
VT No. Item
33-1949 Lamp
31-0874 Fender Mount Bracket
Chrome License Plate Brackets for fender mounting.
31-0157 59995-55A 1955-72
2 Bolt
31-0476 As Above
Black Finish
31-0158 59983-75 1973-up
3 Bolt