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Turbulator turns the intake manifold into
a violent mixing chamber. The heavier
fuel particles are directed away from the
sides of the intake manifold back to the
center of air flow. The fixed valve turbula-
tor then tumbles the mixture resulting in
higher horsepower.
VT No. Model
35-9260 38mm 2 Bolt Keihin, Bendix
35-9261 40mm 2 Bolt S&S ‘B’, +’E’, Flat ‘S’, Mikuni
System II Atomizer. Screen device which
further mixes fuel at face of manifold. The
tossed mixture burns more efficiently and
VT No. Item
35-0093 38mm Bendix, Keihin
35-0092 S&S, Mikuni, 40mm Screamin Eagle, 40mm
V-Twin Style Intake Clamps are 2-piece type polished brass or
chrome. Seals included.
VT No. Years
35-0406 1955-77 O-Ring Chrome
35-8026 1978-84 Flat Seal Chrome
35-0193 1957-77 O-Ring Brass
35-0192 1978-84 Flat Seal Brass
Intake Manifold O-Rings and
James VT No. OEM
14-0519 27060-55 1955-77 FL, O-Ring
14-0626 14-0113 27062-78 1978-85 Flat Seal
14-0924 As Above Red Silicone
1978-84 Intake Clamp Set
includes 4 pieces of single use
clamp, installed by VT No. 16-
0050 tool.
VT No. 35-0419
Intake Clamp Update
Kit for 1967-77 mod-
els. Kit includes mani-
fold rings, Silicone
seals and stainless
clamps. Use to update
early intakes to late
style seals or when
intake flanges are
damaged on early
VT No. 35-0436
Replica Intake Clamp Set features fillister
head screws, pair.
VT No.
35-0417 1955-56 Cadmium
35-0439 1957-76 Cadmium
35-0443 1957-76 Zinc
35-0440 1977-84 Zinc
Stock Style Intake Clamp Sets include O-ring or seals for
proper year, feature fillister or allen screws as factory. Available
in chrome or stainless.
VT No. # Year Finish
35-0408 A 1955-77 Chrome Allen
35-9177 A 1955-77 Stainless Fillister
35-0410 B 1978-84 Chrome Allen
35-0418 B 1978-84 Stainless Fillister
V-Twin’s 360° Power Intake
Clamp is full stainless steel which
features a “floating bridge." Closes
the gap under the “T" bolt for total
360° wrap around seal. The best
available Sold as a set with O-
Rings or seals.
VT No. Year
35-0415 1955-77
O-Ring Kit
35-0409 1978-84
Flat Seal Kit
14-0519 1957-77
O-Rings, 10 pk
14-0113 1978-85
Flat Seals, 10 pk
Polished Intake Manifold
Clamps are strong yet easy to
install. Replaces 27063-57. For
all 74’s 1955-E78, Sportster
1957-E78 with O-rings.
VT No. Item
35-0407 Clamp Kit
14-0519 O-Rings 10 pk
Intake Manifold