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Parts for Indian
Replica Chrome Air Cleaner and Parts.
49-3093 Air Cleaner, Original Style for 1940-50
includes chrome outer cover screw with collar
and zinc back. Element sold separately.
34-0499 Backing Plate
13-9167 Mesh Spring
Chrome Script Logo Air Cleaner Assembly includes
backing plate and element.
VT No. Item
49-4050 Assembly
34-0907 Element
34-0499 Backing Plate
Accurate Stampings include late floor boards with
vulcanized rubber covering, early floor board.
VT No. # Item
49-4038 A Early Floor Board Pans
49-4002 D Early Mats
49-4003 E Late Floor Boards with rubber
49-3018 Dash Base 1938-47
49-4055 F Floor board Cleat
Chrome Plated Steel Replicas.
VT No. # Item
49-3006 A Front Bumper Loop
49-3089 B Brace Set, 75599R, 55600L
Handle Assembly
Primary Components.
VT No. Item
19-0393 Primary Chain, 35 x 4 x 76
19-0026 Motor Sprocket
49-3075 Adjuster Shoe Assy w/slipper
Kicker Start Parts.
VT No.
# Item
49-3071 A Pedal Axle
49-4012 B Pedal
49-3980 Kit Kick Pedal Kit
49-3061 F Kick Spring
37-0057 G Pedal Bolt
37-0993 G Kick Bolt, Black (5 Pc
49-3016 D Stop
Sprockets for Indian
VT No. Tooth Type
19-0017 22 Countershaft
19-0018 23 Countershaft
19-0019 24 Countershaft
19-0016 43 Rear
19-0025 21 Front Countershaft
with holes
19-0024 40 Rear Splined, Nickel
Front U Bolts. Sold in pairs.
VT No. 37-8815
Clutch Friction Kit & Primary Chain by Diamond
VT No. Item
19-0393 (A) 76 link Primary Chain, Chief
49-3075 (B) Primary Shoe Slipper
19-0434 86 Link 741 Primary Chain
19-0435 Gen Chain 741
49-3045 (C) Friction kit
49-3012 Fiber disc, 5 pack
49-3013 Steel Disc, each
49-3011 Spring, each
Clutch & Related Hardware
VT No. # Item
49-0050 A Pedal heal pad, zinc
49-0051 B Release arm, zinc
49-3072 Release arm, chrome
49-3014 D Chrome release knurled nut
49-3065 E Shift rod clevis, chrome
49-3051 Clutch plate 8 piece; 6 thin, 2 thick
Top Motor Mount. Order shims and spark tube brack-
et separately.
VT No. # Item
49-3019 A Top Mount Zinc
49-3020 C 3 Piece Shim Set
49-3073 B Spark Tube Bracket
Front Plates
Sheet Metal
Part s. Painted
in primer fin-
ish, belt guard
also available
in chrome.
VT No. Item
49-4048 Belt Guard
49-3052 Belt Guard Chrome
49-4036 Chain guard with tab
Indian Parts
VT No. Item
49-3093 A/C Assembly Chrome
49-3984 1946-53 Front or Rear Hub, Black
49-4022 Face Lens Plastic
49-4023 Taillight Assembly with bracket
49-4038 Footboard Trays with rubber early
49-4085 1938-53 Seat T
49-4092 1936-47 Dash Panel Polished
49-4093 1942-46 Tank Emblem Mount
49-4096 Primary Drive Pulley 2 7/8 OD
49-3034 Term. Black Stud w/insulators
49-3084 Rear Drum Bearing 1941-53
Handlebar Components.
VT No.
# Item
B Cable Nuts, pair
C Cable Stops, pair
E Grip Set, pair
Sleeve Collar Chrome, each
Right Spiral
Left Spiral
Throttle Driver, each 135B4534
Manuals are factory style books for the years listed.
VT No. # Item
49-4067 A 74+80 Chief overhaul
48-0685 War Dept. Tech Manual
Handlebar Cross Bar fits 1936-57 Spring Fork Bars.
Features a curved bar made of 1" tubing with milled
ends, which fit perfectly on the handlebars include 2
chrome clamps and bolts. An early aftermarket acces-
sory originally by Atlas Products.
VT No. 49-2607
Linkert Choke Lever
for Indian.
VT No. 49-4133
1946-53 Wheel Hub. Black fin-
VT No. 49-3984