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1941-84 Spring Collar Assembly eliminates wobbly pressure
plate, gives a balanced spring load, providing a smooth posi-
tive clutch operation with a minimum number of adjustments.
The nuts go through the spring collar which strengthen and
stabilize it. Available for 3 and 5 stud hubs. Outer spring plate
available separately.
VT No. Item
20-0300 Kit, 3 Stud
20-0454 Kit, 5 Stud
18-8242 Plate, 3 Stud
20-0332 Polished Outer Plate
20-0333 Chrome Outer Plate
Rollers Only.
20 Pack 100 Pack OEM Size
12-0344 12-4590 9540A STD.
12-0363 12-4591 9541 .0002
9542 .001
Sifton Clutch Springs Sets
are heavy duty 10 piece sets.
Red coated.
VT No. Fits
13-0788 1941-67
13-0789 1968-84
Clutch Stud Nut and Plate Kit includes slotted
nuts, roller retainer plate, outer pressure plate and
retainer springs in proper amounts for hubs listed
VT No. Item
18-3611 3 Stud, Stock
18-3620 5 Stud
18-3621 10 Stud
Clutch Hubs
Big Twin 5 Stud
Clutch Hub fits 1941-
E84, features 53 long
rollers, outer spring
plate and nuts.
VT No. 18-1216
Clutch Hub Nut and Seal Kit for use on
all 1941-84 Big Twins. Includes nut, seal,
and lock tabs. Packaged.
14-0103 12014
Seal, 5 pk
12-0508 37496-65 Nut, each
17-0904 37503-41 Lock, 10 pk
12-0208 37523-15 Key, 10 pk
1941-84 Big Clutch Hub
Hardware Kit includes 20
rollers with cage, liner with
rivets, retainer springs,
outer pressure plate with
either 3 or 5 adjusting nuts.
VT No. Hub Type
18-3638 3 Stud
18-3639 5 Stud
Big Twin Clutch Hubs for 1941-84 available assembled with
rollers, liner, top plate and adjusting nuts. Also available as bare
hub only.
VT No. # Item
18-3153 A Complete 3 Stud
18-3154 A Complete 5 Stud
3 Stud
5 Stud
18-3111 C Outer Plate 3 Hole, Black
18-3235 C As Above, Chrome
18-3112 C Outer Plate 5 Hole, Black
18-3236 C As Above, Chrome
18-3113 C Outer Plate 10 Hole, Black
18-1125 B Hub Liner, Stock w/rivets
18-3124 B Hub Liner, Nyla-tron w/rivets
Rivets for Liner
Clutch Hub Rollers (100)
VT No. Size
12-4591 .0002
*Note: Sold as bare hubs.
The Big Fixx for 74 & 80
Clutch contains 52 roller
bearings which take the
place of the offset roller
bearings and bearing
retainer, resulting in a
smoother more positive, wobble-free clutch operation.
VT No. Item
20-0229 Big Fixx
41-0169 Lube Tube
Chrome Pressure Plate Kit fits
3 & 5 stud hubs, includes inner
and outer plate and 10 springs.
VT No. 18-0565
Chrome Clutch Spring Set
use on 1941-84, when
exposed on belt drive mod-
els. Ten pieces per kit. These
are our late style springs with
durable chrome finish.
VT No. 13-0200
Sifton Retainer Kit includes a clutch drum
retainer designed to smooth clutch operation of
all 1941-84. The retainer cures the problem of
the uncontrollable “Grabby Clutch" found in the
clutch system.
VT No. Item
18-3116 Retainer Kit
12-1195 Snap rings