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Motor Shop Ready!
Ship Heads to V-Twin
with turn around time of
15 working days. We will
return by UPS!
Motor Shop Ready
Service. available
as a valve job only
or as a valve
seat/valve job
service. We will
glass bead heads,
install new cast iron
guides, nitrated
coated valves, spring, collars and keepers for both services. For
valve seat service all of the above will be done with the addition
of installing new no-lead valve seats. Heads must be in rebuild-
able condition and will be done in sets only. Service will be per-
formed on a Sunnen Valve Machine that will insure correct
valve stem to seat alignment.
For stock lift cams.
Valve Job Valve Seat/
Job Service
1948-65 Panheads
1966-80 Shovelheads
1981-84 Shovelheads
1986-up Evo Big Twin
1957-69 Sportster
1970-82 Sportster
1983-85 Sportster
1986-up Sportster
Service Performed on Sunnen VGS20
Sunnen in action!
Shop Services Procedure:
Call for Return Goods Authorization (RGA)#
Obtain RGA # and return to
Motor Shop Service
9 Scobie Drive
Newburgh, New York 12550
Finished work order will be returned by UPS
Head Resurfacing
Service is performed on
a Winnona machine for
accuracy and surface flat-
ness .
VT No. 60-0172
Spark Plug Hole Service.
Motor Shop will Helicoil 14
mm spark plug holes on head
sets. 15 day turn around.
time. Chose Heli-Coil only or
Weld-Up and Heli-Coil.
VT No. Type
60-0168 Heli-Coil
60-0170 Weld/Heli-Coil
Motor Shop Cam Bushing
Service will replace bushings
in BT cam cover for 1936-up
VT No. 60-0132
Motor Shop Cam Cover
Bushing Service will install
new bushings in right side
case and cam cover for 1957-
up XL models.
VT No. 60-0131