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Dual Hot Rod Flame Grip Set features molded cushion rub-
ber inner sleeve with chrome flame outer sleeve, for looks and
VT No. Year
28-0454 1982-95
28-0451 1996-up
Chrome Diamond Insert
Grips are die cast construction
for 1974-up models.
VT No. Type
28-0563 Die Cast
Profile Barrel Grips feature chrome accents with barrel shape
rubber insert for comfort.
VT No. Shape
28-0570 Rail
28-0571 Twist
Grip Covers are in leather.
Available with or without fringe.
VT No. Type
48-0449 No Fringe
48-1592 10" Fringe
48-1713 16" Fringe
Deluxe Soft Grip Set features
embossed logo, and includes
throttle tube. Fits 1973-up.
Replaces 56006-88B.
VT No. 28-0122
Eagle Spirit Sets feature full foam grips with chrome or gold
inlay end caps.
VT No. Finish
28-2224 Chrome
28-2225 Gold Inlay
Rubber Insert Grips feature chrome with inlay design.
VT No. Style
28-0164 Skull
28-0165 Maltese
Billet 6 Rail Grip Set.
VT No. 28-0796
Chrome Rail Grip Set use
with 28-1981 nylon tube.
VT No. 28-0742
Grip Adhesive fastens grips to bars.
VT No. 41-0190
Metal Flake Grip Sets.
VT No. Color
28-0792 Charcoal
28-0798 Yellow
VT No. Color
28-0794 Silver
28-0795 Blue
28-0797 Aqua