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1936-69 Big Twin Gas Tanks
Flathead BT & Knucklehead 3 1/2 Gallon Bobbed Tank Set.
1940-46 features handshift mounts and shut off rod provision,
order shut off rod and seat kit separately. 1936-40 features hand-
shift mounts and accept petcocks VT No. 35-0499 and 35-0497.
Tanks are also available with 3 mount strips welded to each side
to attach 1940-46 emblems and stainless trim. Order emblems
and trim separately.
VT No. Item
38-0183 Tanks
38-0140 Tanks without trim mounts
38-0136 Tanks with trim mounts
38-6696 Emblems
38-6679 4 Piece Stainless Trim
Important Gas Tank Information: All tanks are shipped unpainted unless
otherwise noted. Caps and petcocks are not included. Carefully check the
new tank for flaws and fit before painting. Do not grind or sand the seams
or joints. Clean the inside of the tank and it is suggested to pressure test
and use a tank sealer. Check petcock openings, making sure the petcock can
be easily installed. Use proper hardware to mount tank, including correct
bushings, brackets and spacers required for assembly. Tedd Cycle,
not liable for paint work or labor claims of any kind. Tedd Cycle, Inc. is not the
manufacturer of the gas tanks.
1947-65 Big Twin Tank Set features provisions to accept early caps, reserve shut off rod and 2 or 3 lite dash. Set also available
with shifter gate mount holes and lower shift lever mount tab. Order shift gates and mounting hardware separately as required.
VT No. 38-0130 requires use of VT No. 7807-3 gas line fittings.
VT No. Size Style
38-0119 3.5 With shift gate mounts, Replica
38-0142 3.5 Without shift gate mount, Replica
38-0130 5.0 With shift gate mount holes
Includes chrome shift handle
38-0131 5.0 Without shift gate mounts
38-0103 5.0 1966-69
Shut Off Kit 1941-49
Shut Off Kit 1950-65
Cap Set, Pair
Shift Mount Tab Kit
includes two brackets
and tube for replace-
ments on Big Twin hand
shift tanks, must be
welded on.Shift Tab with
4 mounts
VT No. 38-0226
Mounting Kit for Big Twin Bobbed 1936-84 FLH Tanks
includes special washers, studs, and bolts. VT No. 38-0200
includes spacers.
VT No. Finish
38-0200 Zinc
9891-18 Chrome
9892-18 Cadmium
9893-18 Parkerized
12-2123 Rear Mounting Stud Only 1936-84
*Note: All tanks with shut off rod provisions may require fuel rod alignment before installation of shut off assembly.