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4.5 Gallon Quickbob Gas Tank is a one piece tank to fit
1948-84 Big Twin frames and features 1983-up filler necks.
Mounts with stock hardware and uses 1975-up type petcock,
VT No. 38-0204 required for installation.
VT No. Item
38-0115 Tank
38-0204 Mount kit
38-0321 Cap Set
1973-85 FX-FXE One Piece Gas Tank. Order brackets and
caps separately. These “OEM" tanks are “NOS" new old stock
from the 80’s. Tanks have small cosmetic marks as they are
over 20 years old.
38-0188 61215-83
Tank with Bung
38-0317 61102-83A
Cap Only (38-0188)
Mount Kit
Gas Tanks 1936-84
Bob Gas Tanks fit 1936-84 FLH-FXE
with Bobbed tank type mounts for years
listed not FXR or FLT models. Use
1975-up petcocks with nut. Tanks accept
stock dash and speedo. Order cap set
VT No. Gal Cap Type Caps
38-0100 3.5 Bayonet 38-0312
38-0101 5.0 Bayonet
38-0103* 5.0 Bayonet
38-0112 3.5 Screw Bung 38-0321
38-0113 5.0 Screw Bung 38-0321
38-0165 6.0 Screw Bung 38-0321
*Note: Feature welded on tank emblem
mounts to accept 1966-72 emblems.
38-0103 With emblems installed
Gas Tank Repair Pieces include fillers, 4 piece tab set for
top, bottom, right and left. Can be welded on stock and after-
market tanks.
VT No. Item
38-0208 Tab Set
40-1255 Filler Neck, Bayonet
38-0206 Filler Neck, Late Bung type,
right and left,pair
38-0221 Petcock Fitting, male, 1975-up
38-0309 Petcock Fitting, female, 3/8 NPT
E-Z Bob Tank Kit
for FLT models fea-
tures a one piece 4
gallon design tank
which includes
chrome bung style
caps and hardware
for installation.
1980-99 kits
include a chrome
cast dash, 5 lamp
dash base and a 6
post bobbed type key switch with a 2240:1 ratio speedo and
front wheel drive cable. Requires the use of solo seat or FXR
style seat for installation. 1980-85 models require drilling for
rear mount.
VT No. 38-0186