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Frame Components
Front Side Car Frame Loops fit rigid frames
for replacement and repair, will accept 1" diam-
eter tubing, pair, front lower mount, each. Front
motor mount is one piece forged with 3 holes
on left and 2 holes on for brake side.
Components must be welded on.
VT No. # Item
51-0523 Side Car Loops, Straight Leg, Right and Left
51-0585 Side Car Loops, Wish Bone, Right and Left
51-0595 A 1936-47 Front Motor Mount
51-0526 A 1948-84 Front Lower Mount
Frame Repair Tabs to weld on to repair stock frames.
VT No. # Fits
51-0572 A 1948-64 BT Battery Ground, 6V
51-0578 C 1958-84 FL Brake Tee
51-0579 D 1958-84 FL Rear Pipe
51-0575 E 1955-72 FL Cable Mount
51-0570 F 1965-84 BT Upper Shock Mount, pair
51-0517 G 1969-up BT Neck Tab for Lock
Gusset Plate
5th Mount Transmission
51-0532 J 1948-83
Coil Mount Blocks
Big Twin Neck Forgings machined to
accept stock diameter tubing. 51-0520 fea-
tures late number boss and tab for pad
VT No. Year
51-0623 1936-40
51-0596 1941-45
51-0606 1946-E47
30, Bull Neck
51-0525* 1948-68
51-0520 1969-87
*Note: Machined to accept neck lock tumbler 37-9021.
Complete Steering Head Lock Assembly Kit includes cylinder
lock, 2 keys, pin, frame plug, spring and plunger.
VT No. Item
37-9021 Complete Kit
51-0610 Trim Ring
Forged Neck is accomplished in 4 stages.
The Forging Process
In this process, the steel is first fired as red hot ingot, next
huge hammers compact and orient the grain structure into a
rough shape of the part, subsequent hits form the part into
its final shape, after which it is machined and heat treated
which results in increased strength and resistance to wear.
Steel Skid Plates replaces 24490-36, 1936-99 Big Twins.
VT No Finish
42-0101 Chrome
42-0098 Stainless
42-0117 Black
42-0777 Chrome, Smooth
Skid Plate
Coil Mount Block Set with 5/16 x
18 thread.
VT No. Item
51-0532 Block Set
8824-8 Stud Set
Lower Tank Mount.
VT No. Item
51-0632 Welded Mount
51-0639 Cross Bracket
Lower Tank Mount fits 1955-84 BT 3
piece Set must be welded on.
VT No. 51-0541
Weld On Dowels are tapped for 5/16 x
24 thread.
VT No. 51-0858