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FLH-FXWG-FXST Forward Shifter Control for 1979-84 FLH-
FXWG with down turn shifter arm. Does not include the ratchet
arm and dust cover. Can also be used on ratchet top 4-speed
models 1952-79, when it is not desired to remove the arm and
dust cover.
VT No. 22-0802
No Mix-Ups No Searching One Kit Does It All For Less!
Shifter kit on this page is compatible with VT No. 22-0500, 22-
0501, 22-0505, 22-0506, 22-0510, 22-0511 & 22-0512.
Note: FLH models 1979-83 rotary trans tops have the down
turned shifter top arm. Check motorcycle or your factory parts
book for correct application.
Original Forward Shifter Control Kit. FLH type allows the use
of foot pegs or floorboards. Order complimenting forward brake
control on opposite page. Units allow 1 down and 3 up shifting
pattern. The 22-0801, and 22-1055 kits include proper ratchet
arm and dust cover. All other kits attach to existing components
on shifter mechanism. Instructions and diagram included with
each kit. Display packaged!
VT No. Fits
22-0801 1952-79 FL-FLH 4
1971-76 FX-FXE 4
22-0802 1979-up FLH 4
1980-85 FXWG 4
22-1055 1974-78 FXE 4
22-1015 1979-99 FX-FXE 4,
1981-99 FXR 5
Forward Shifter Kit
1952-78 FLH
VT No.
22-0801 Installed
1970-84 Big Twin Replica Foot Shift Kit includes chrome
bracket and cover and chrome rod assembly. Order chrome
ratchet drum cover kit for 1970-E79 models only.
VT No. Fits
22-0809 1970-84
21-0208 Drum Cover Kit
1952-69 Big Twin
Replica Foot Shift Kit
includes black bracket,
cadmium rod assembly,
zinc inner arm, chrome
cover, and shift lever.
VT No. 22-0805
Replica Foot Shift