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1972-84 FLH Style
Single Disc Fork
Assembly includes the
complete fork kit, with
the addition of the
chrome or aluminum
headlamp cowl kit, 16"
chrome wheel, black
caliper with 10" drilled
steel rotor, speedometer
drive and FLH style
fender. Order tire, tube,
handlebars, risers and
other parts shown sepa-
VT No. Cowl
24-2034 Chrome
24-2037 Chrome Cowl
Chrome Lower
1973-84 FLH Glide
VT No. Item Slider
24-0520 Kit Stock Chrome
24-0782 Kit Stock includes black triple trees, stainless
fork slider covers.
24-9943 Kit Stock Forks include 24-0829 black tees
which has a solid mount top. Tress with 4 3/4" C/C
riser mount holes. Accepts 24-9900 top tee cover.
Chrome Leg/Tree Assembly
24-0783 Leg Assy Right and Left Stock
24-0519 Leg Assy Right and Left with Chrome Lower Sliders
*Note: V-Twin Fork Assembly is shipped complete, Axle, Nut, Spacer, Top Nut, Bearing, Cone
Nut and Dust Cover. Sliders & Tubes are assembled.
Adjustable Fork Assembly
Adjustable Fork Assemblies.
FLH include black adjustable
rake triple tree set, polished slid-
ers with 1977-up type internals
installed, stainless slider covers,
axle and nut, fork bearings, and
cone nut. 24-0790 accepts 23-
2219 caliper. 24-0550 accepts
left side brake component kit VT
No. 23-9218. Both units accept
VT No. 28-0221 Riser Bushing
Sets and VT No. 24-9910 top
tree cover which place riser
stems 3 1/2" center to center.
24-0550 45512-60A Left
Side Drum 1949-58
24-0790 45509-72B Disc
FLH Fork Assemblies. Available
as single disc model 1972-84
type, which accepts large banana
caliper to accept a 10" rotor,
include chrome slider covers,
chrome triple trees with lower tree
that includes padlock tab, which
accepts aluminum cowling only,
chrome tapered aluminum sliders
with stock length tubes and all
1977-up type internals installed.
Axle and nut, neck bearings top
and crown nut included. Lower
sliders and tube assembly with
internals also available in pairs.
Black Adjustable Fork Tree
Kit is available for 1949-76
FLH, 1977-84 FLH, 1980-87
FXWG 41mm fork legs. Showa
type is 1977-up. Kits feature
swivel type plugs which are
included. Lower tree has two
positions for changing rake and
fork lock tab. Kits use VT No.
28-0221 rubber bushing kit. Use
24-9910 top tree cover for kits.
VT No. Fits
24-0799 1949-76 FLH Complete Set, Black
24-0797 1977-84 FLH 80-86 FXWG Complete, Black
24-0004 As Above without Tabs
24-0817 56129-73A Top Tree Only 1973-up
24-0852 Lower Tree only with Stem
24-0928 Lower Tree only with Stem with damper
24-0495 Lower Cross Bar only
24-0596 As Above without Tabs
24-0124 45710-50 Adjustable Position Tabs
24-9957 45777-50 E. Top Plugs 1949-76, pair
24-0828 45777-77 L. Top Plugs 77-84 Showa type, pr.
37-9170 Top Tee Bolts with Lock Tabs, Kit
17-0936 45752-50 Lock Tabs
24-0197 Top Nut Kit
1948-84 FLH-FXWG Fork Stem Lock Tab.
replace broken, bent or missing on stock
lower triple trees, to be welded on.
VT No. 51-0103
Adjustable Position Tabs replace 45710-58 on
all adjustable forks 1950-up, set.
VT No. 24-0124
Adjustable Fork Tube Plugs.
24-9957 45777-50 1950-76
24-0828 45777-77 1977-84
Order related parts separately.
VT No. Item
51-0528 Windshield
25-0399 Bars
33-2028 Spotlamp Kit
46-0302 Tire
46-0114 Tube
36-0544 Speedo Drive
50-0124 Fender
24-2034 Installed