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Bobbed Front
Fender features a
cut back front sec-
tion for 1973-86
Superglide models
with 35mm forks.
Supplied with
chrome mounting
VT No. 50-0119
Narrow Type
Front Fenders for
35 or 39mm forks
feature a raw or
chrome steel fend-
er with brackets
riveted on. A Type
fits 19" wheels on
1973-90 FX mod-
els, B Type fits
1983-up FXLR and
other 1973-up FX-
FXR models with
21" wheel and
1991-up FXD with
19" or 21" wheel.
VT.No. # Fender Bracket
50-0122 A Raw
50-0136 ARaw
50-0123 A Chrome Chrome
50-0164 B Raw
50-0165 BRaw
50-0191 B Chrome Chrome
Front Fender stock type for 1970-up FX-FXR, in raw steel, has
chrome tubular type brackets riveted in place.
50-0120 59007-73B 1970-83 Complete
50-0118 As Above Unassembled
50-0932 59111-74 Bracket set
Front Fenders fit
35 & 39 mm Forks
Chrome Front Fender Allen Head Screws
contain all the necessary screws for mounting
front fender brackets to fender replacing and
bracket to fork legs. Use on all 1973-up FX
stock type front fenders.
VT No. 37-6367
Springer Style Fender
fits 1973-up 35 and 39
mm models. with 19" or
21" wheels.
VT No. 50-0116
Emblem Sets feature clips or studs to attach to fender as
original accessory, but can be mounted to fenders and saddle-
bags, sold as pair.
VT No. OEM Finish Type
38-6674 11530-46 Nickel Deluxe
38-6675 91583-52 Nickel O.H.V.
38-6676 91582-50 Chrome Hydra-Glide
38-6680 59195-58 Chrome Duo-Glide
38-6673 59196-65 Chrome Electra-Glide
37-8842* 7613A 10 pack Speed-Nuts
*Note: For VT No. 38-6680, 38-6673 & 38-6671
Chrome Fender Tips in stamped, includes screws. Fits fender
width as noted.
VT No. Style Width Type
50-1055 Eagle 4"
50-1050 Smooth 4"
50-1049 Smooth 5"
50-0915 Eagle 5"
Universal Sport Style Front Fender is rolled on edge and in
front. Chrome and primer. The brackets are not included.
VT No. Type
50-0133 Chrome (drilled)
50-0195 Plain
50-0196 Chrome
Chrome Front Fender Tip fits
stock front fenders, rear tail.
VT No. 50-0920
Mini Front Mud Flap is leather with chrome spots.
VT No. 28-2235
Fender Rivets fit 1973-up FX-XL
models, stainless, 25 pk.
VT No. 37-6370