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30-3178 with
over the trans-
mission rear
pipe fits kick
start only in
Rigid or Swing
Arm frame
1966-69 Generator Case
FL & FLH Shovelheads-
Inside The Frame Front
Pipe designed for generator
case, early Shovelhead
motors 1966-69 w/wrap around oil tank, feature greater corner-
ing clearance than pipes with outside the frame front pipes.
Front pipe on this set is a 2-piece “S" pipe that slip-fits between
frame and engine case, while the rear pipe runs over the trans-
mission. Mounting hardware included.
VT No. Mfg.
Muffler Style
29-0133 PHD-121-T Tapered
29-0134 PHD 121-SS “SS"
1966-69 Drag Pipes available in mechanical, hydraulic and
over the tran models for kick or electric start models.
VT No. Type
30-3118 Hydraulic
Cycle Shack
30-3179 Hydraulic
Run Roader
30-3159 Mechanical & Hydraulic
30-3129* Mechanical & Hydraulic
30-3178 Over Trans
*Note: Turn Out Ends.
1966-69 FLH “S" Pipe System fit
generator case Shovelhead FLH
with large H-12 battery & hydraulic
brakes. Set features slip-fit “S" front
pipe & over the transmission rear pipe for ground clearance.
Front pipe attaches to stock stud on frame & rear pipe attaches
w/bracket included. Sheet metal relay cover under the battery
must be removed. Must be used with offset kick start arm.
VT No. Mfg.
Muffler Style
29-1136 PHD 125T
29-1137 PHD 125SS
31-9992 BK-7
Bracket Only
Tapered 1966-69 Generator
Case FL & FLH Shovelheads-
Outside The Frame Front Pipe
fit generator case early
Shovelhead motors with an out-
side the frame front pipe and an under the transmission rear
pipe. Universal strap bracket included. Notice: To avoid scrap-
ing, do not use unless front fork is stretched at least 4"
longer than stock. PHD-113-T
VT No. 29-0130
1966-69 Shovel
Chrome Flex Exhaust Covers for all Big Twin 74 & 80, 13/4".
Slides on.
VT No. Type
30-0311 Replica
Two Into One Exhaust designed to replace stock style 1
O.D. pipe systems. Fit rigid or swing arm frames.1966-69 is 3
pc incorporating the Y-flat pipe combination.
VT No. Years
29-0152 Chrome
29-0153 Black
1966-69 Exhaust
Clamp Set for 2:1 Single Exhaust available as listed. Order
exhaust separately, order header clamps in stainless.
Chrome Parkerized Stainless Year
31-0225 1948-65
1936-69 FL, EL 2 piece
*Note: Front Clamp Set