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Late Dash Parts. Pieces fit late cast dash panel 1968-95
39-0345 71134-68 Support
1975-95, Lens Set
39-0347 71141-68 Retainer
39-0348 71297-68 Lens clip
1975-95 Dash Hardware
Kit includes parts pic-
tured to fit the FLH-
FXWG-FXST cast type
dash, stock or
VT No. 39-0382
Dash Panel Decal replaces 71300-79 on 1979-93
FL-FLH-FXWG Black matte finish, adhesive
backed, 5 pk.
VT No. 48-0423
Chrome Dash Mount Stud Kits include stud, nuts, nylon
washer and either skull or acorn nut, fit 1968-up cast dash
panel on FXST-FL-FXWG when choke cable is not used.
VT No. Type
37-9121 Acorn
37-9122 Skull
37-0573 Stud only
Long Rider Dash Complete Kit with speedo and switch for
1948-95 Big Twins.
VT No. Ratio
39-0974 2240:1
Chrome Long Rider Dash Panel constr ucted of ABS plastic.
Fits bobbed tanks on 1968-95 FLH-FXWG-FXST models.
Rubber strip included.
VT No. 39-0450
Speedo Adapter Ring adapts to late model speedo into FLH
style steel dash cover. FLH Dash is shown with adapter ring
installed 39-0130, adapter ring must be affixed with an indus-
trial adhesive for a leak proof seal. VT Nos 39-0124 and 39-
0192 include chrome ring and bracket to mount electronic
speedo in FLH style dashes.
VT No. Fits
Dash Assembly
FLH Dash Kit features chrome cast dash with lens and hard-
ware, 6-post switch, choke cable and knob, all mounting
hardware and trim strips. Stock on 1968-84 FLH. Can be
adapted to all 3
/2 and 5 gallon tanks. Dash base has wiring
and sockets. Choose the proper cable for each application.
VT No. Type
39-0913 1:1 Ratio
39-0914 2:1 Ratio
39-0972 As Above without Speedometer
39-0967* As Above without Speedometer
39-0919 1:1 Ratio with Tach
39-0920 2:1 Ratio with Tach
*Note: Includes plain unwired dash base.
Cast Dash Panels include lens set for 1968-90.
VT No. Finish
39-0383 Chrome
Choke Cable Nut Kit includes nut
7638, and seal 27451-82 for dash
mounted choke on FL-FXWG-FXST
VT No. 37-8942