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1948-65 Panheads
V-Twin Replica “Shop Ready" Panheads feature original contour
castings with the added detail of the stock intake and exhaust port
areas and are assembled with cast iron guides, valve stem seals,
oilers and nitrated valves Pan Exhaust, Shovel Intake in combina-
tion with a complete spring and collar set. Matched rocker arm
assemblies installed with heat treated studs & nuts complete the
Fully Assembled and Ready to Install. Order original plumber
style or O-Ring type intake manifold designs as listed.
VT No. 10-1067 accepts outside overhead oil line also available
without rocker arm assemblies.
Full Assembly Heads w/Valves Year
1963-65 (OHO) O-Ring
V-Twin “Shop Ready" Panheads are assembled with STD
heads, cast iron guides, valve stem seals, nitrated valves Pan
exhaust, Shovel intake in combination with a complete spring
and collar set. Matched rocker arm assemblies installed with
heat treated studs, nuts and oilers complete the Ready to
Install Assembly. Available to accept late Shovel intake mani-
fold and with stock or 3-bolt flange at exhaust area.
VT No. Year
10-1060 1948-65
10-1061 1948-65
10-1086 3 5/8" Big Bore
Panheads by S.T.D., pair accepts Pan or Shovel barrels and
Shovel header pipes except VT No. 10-0087 which accepts
stock header clamps. Heads feature internal oiling, O-ring
intake port to accept manifold as pictured, drilled for late exter-
nal oilers, valve seats installed. Note: Big bore type available for
3 5/8" shovel barrels. Head bolts not included. Also available as
complete assemblies that include valve job, valves, guides,
springs, collars and guide seals clearanced for cams up to .550
lift. When using Panhead barrels use 2 short head bolts in posi-
tions by intake port.
VT No. Item
Ex Port
10-1050 Assembled pair
3 Bolt
10-1056 Assembled pair
Single Stock
10-1087 Assembled 3 5/8" pair Dual
3 Bolt
Bare Heads
10-0094 Panhead, pair Single
3 Bolt
10-0087 Panhead, pair Single
10-0091 Panheads, 3 5/8", pair Dual
3 Bolt
35-0085 O-Ring Intake Manifold
Pan Valve Cover Gaskets.
James VT No. OEM
15-1079 15-0111 17507-48 Inner Felt
15-0140 17507-48 Replica Inner Felt
15-1007 15-0115 17541-48 Cover Gaskets, Thin
15-1005 15-0114 17541-48A Thick Composite
17541-48B Thick Cork
Cork with metal
15-1007 15-0345 17541-48B Thin Graphite
17541-48B Molded Rubber