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Chrome Air Cleaner Support Brackets are for installing the
custom round or teardrop air cleaners.
VT No. Model
34-0205* 1967-84 S&S Big Twin
34-0202 1966-84 Shovel
*Note: For S&S air cleaners and carb support.
S&S Air Cleaner Support Brackets.
Fit 1
" Super B carburetors.
VT No. Fits
31-9918 All Adjustable type
S&S Super E & G Air Cleaner
Support Bracket fits 1966-82 FL-FX.
VT No. 34-0336
1978-84 Shovel Stainless Air
Cleaner Mount Bracket Kit mounts to
rocker boxes, to attach carb support
bracket, which is included.
VT No. 31-0368
FX-FLH Air Cleaner Support Bracket
replaces 29018-71A.
VT No. 31-0128
Support Brackets
Eliminator Il SU Carb Kit features upswept polished manifold
& float bowl and a shortened dome to fit Evo engine with a
3.5 or 5 gallon tanks. Upswept manifold design creates as
much as 20% horsepower gain while smoothing out perfor-
mance over the entire RPM range. Also allows leg clearance
when using 5 gallon tanks because the carb is tucked in
close. Kits include chrome leveling bracket, manifold, neces-
sary mounting bolts, push pull throttle bracket and installation
VT No. Year
35-0050 1966-84
SU Carburetor Replacement Parts
VT No. Application
35-4551 Rebuild kit for Eliminator SU carb.
35-4552 Replacement main jet
35-4553 Carb to intake manifold gasket
35-4554 4 1/2" oz piston return spring (red)
35-4555 8 oz piston return spring (silver)
Edelbrock Performer Series Carb Kits feature adjustable
accelerator pump, replaceable main jet, adjustable idle air
bleed, stainless steel throttle shaft bearings, hard anodized flat
slide and air cleaner flange that will accept any pre CV or CV
type style air cleaners. All kits use stock intake manifolds, throt-
tle cables and mounting hardware. Kits are available with flange
mount carb or spigot mount carb. In 38mm, 40mm or 42mm.
Flange mount carbs fit 1970-84 FL-FX and 1984-89 Big Twins.
Spigot mount carbs fit 1991-up Big Twins and 1986-up XL. All
TC-88 applications require separate purchase of VT No. 35-
3121 intake manifold.
Performer Carb
SU Eliminator II Carb Kit
35-4556 12 oz piston return spring (green)
35-4557 Standard (BBX) tapered needle
35-4558 Slightly leaner (BBT) tapered needle
35-4559 Still leaner (BBT) tapered needle
35-4561 Chrome velocity stack
35-4563 81-up FL-FX push-pull throttle adapter
Mikuni HSR 42
Carb Kits for Big
Twin or Twin Cam
models. Available
as complete kits
that include air
cleaner or partial
kits that re-use
stock intake mani-
fold and air clean-
VT No. Fits
35-9118* 1970-84 Big Twins *Note: Includes carb, manifold
and air cleaner assembly.