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Needle Bearing Bushing Race Press Tools.
16-0117 31735
1936-84 BT Bushing Md gear
16-0057 34733
1977-84 BT Needle Countershaft
16-0965 97080-77A 1977-E81 XL Race
16-0126 97272-60 1958-up BT Needle Cam
16-0127 97273-60 1957-up XL Needle Cam
16-0711 Cover
1970-up BT Bushing Cam
16-0105 33428A 1979-84 BT Needle Mainshaft 4sp
16-0036 34734
1979-up BT Bearing Mainshaft 5sp
16-0028 34810
1984-90 XL Bearing Mainshaft
1936-84 BT Bushing Kicker Cover
16-0055 34190
83-up FXR Fork Bushing & Seal
16-0056 34634
84-up FLT Fork Bushing & Seal
16-0964 36583
87-up FXR Fork Bushing & Seal
1988-up XL
Bearing Race & Seal
Driver includes driver
handle and 6 machined
aluminum collets to fit
most bearings.
VT No. 16-0505
Seal Driver Kit quickly
installs seal without
damage, includes 16
adapters for seals up to
3 3/8" diameter.
Includes special
adapters for “shielded"
VT No. 16-0069
Fork Bushing & Seal Installer. Installs bushing and
seal without damaging components.
VT No. OEM Use
16-0055 34190 1983-up FXRT 1983-up XR
1984-up FX-XL
16-0056 34634 1984-Later FLT-FXWG
16-0964 36583 1987-up FXR-FXRS, 88-up XL
Adjustable Split Fork Seal Driver
Set use on all 35mm, 39mm and
41mm forks. Includes seal drive
and three seal guides.
VT No. 16-0074
Bushing Puller Tool will extract
bushings in blind holes of cam
VT No. 16-0231
Driver Handle. Replaces 33416 to drive wheel race, crank
bearing race and cam needle installers.
Wheel Race Puller. Replaces service tool 33071, for hubs with
tapered races 1973-up. All models.
VT No. Item Year
16-0425 Puller 1973-99
16-0065 Driver 1973-99
16-0732 Puller 2000-up
Generator Gear Puller Center Cap use
with claw type pullers. OEM# 95636-46.
VT No. 16-0638
Cross Arm Puller is 1" square bar 43/4" long
slotted, with 3/8" x 16 bolts, use any size bolt to
pull gears and sprockets that have 2 tapped
holes, or use with bearing separator 16-0602.
VT No. 16-0499
Mainshaft Starter Clutch Gear Puller for
1936-84 4 Speed model.
VT No. Brand
16-0712 V-Twin
16-0740 Jims
Fork Seal Driver for 41
mm bushing and seal
VT No. 16-0557
49mm Fork Seal and Dust Shield
Installer Tool installs the lower leg 49mm
fork seal squarely into the bore with no
damage to the lip seal surface. Also installs
dust shield cover. It is a two-price design to
aid in some assembly applications.
VT No. 16-1369
25 mm Wheel Bearing Puller Tool
removes new front 25 mm wheel
bearings found on most of the 2007
ST models with 25 mm front wheels
bearings. Note: this tool must be
used with the current Jims wheel
bearing/remover tool.
VT No. 16-1370