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FLH Frame Mount Saddle for 1958-84 FLH-FXE-FXWG with
Bobbed Tanks, features low seat position, clips to frame in
front, mounts in rear to stock handrail. Order mount strap VT
No. 31-4005, FL width fenders. Holes may have to be drilled to
mount cross strap. Move luggage rack back for clearance or
replace with VT No. 50-1013 luggage rack.
VT No. Style
47-0534 Puffy Top
47-0533 Classic Smoothie
1958-84 for FLH
Classic Smoothie
Puffy Top
Passenger Pads fit stock seat rails on 1977-85 FLH-FLT-
FLHT. Available in pillow style Naugahyde to match factory
style seats or our custom stitch. Includes clamp, 13" tall.
Passenger pads will fit seat rail shown.
VT No. Type
47-0532 Custom Stitch Back Pad
47-8654 Pillow Back Pad
Chrome Seat Rails for 1977-84 FLH Includes clamp, 13" tall.
VT No. Brand
Puffy Top VT No. 47-0534 shown with 31-0518
seat rail installed
FLH Seat Bracket attaches
frame mount seat to 1958-84
FLH. Bolts to stock fenders
1976-84, Zinc plated.
VT No. 31-4005