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Gardner-Wescott Builder Chrome Fastener Sets are the per-
fect combination of allen screws and acorn nuts. Contains timing
plug, oil pump, left and right side covers, clutch and chain cover,
top front and rear motor mount with stabilizing link fasteners and
regular bracket mount on FXR-FLT lifter base, point cover, head-
er mount, casing & inner primary to casing, rocker box, cylinder
base, motor case, transmission cover and washers supplied
where needed. Where there is a bolt you get an allen screw.
Where there is a nut you get an acorn. All heads polished
chrome, smooth without knurls.
VT No. Fits
37-0082 1982-83 Shovel 5 Speed FXR-FXRS-FXRT
37-0088 1979-84 Shovel 4 Speed Models
37-0089 1977-78 Shovelhead
37-0090 1970-76 Shovelhead
37-0091 1966-69 Shovelhead
37-0092 1965 only Panhead
Allen Screw Kits
Big Twin Polished Chrome
Motor Sets include all side cov-
ers, lifter base, timing plug, inner
primary mount, top, front, and
rear motor mounts with stabiliz-
ing link fasteners on FXR & FLT
models. Sets also include rocker
box covers, header mount and
points cover or generator mount
where applicable with washers
and nuts where needed on 4
Speed Shovelheads.
VT No. Year
37-7489 1977-84
37-7490 1970-76
Cam and Primary Cover Chrome
Screw Sets include transmission,
chain, clutch or derby provided
where applicable. By Gardner-
Wecott. Fits 1970-84 FLH-FX All 4-
Speed models.
VT No. 8505">37-8505
Chrome Polished Allen Head
Show Bike Kits.
VT No. Year
1010-P 1978-84 Shovelhead
1011-P 1976-77 Shovelhead
1012-P 1970-75 Shovelhead
1009-P 1979-84 FLT
Chrome Motor Case Allen Bolts fasten engine case
halves together on Big Twins.
VT No. Year
37-9189 1941-78
37-9190 1979-82
Chrome Allen Screw Kit connects motor
mounts, front, top and rear to frame on
models listed below. Knurled.
VT No. Fits
37-9181 1948-84 Big Twin
37-9182 1948-85 Top strap only 4
37-9183 1982-83 FXRS