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Acrylic Wind
Deflectors by
National Cycle.
Can only be
used with
National Cycle
Heavy Duty
windshields on
1984-up FXST
and 1993-up
VT No. 42-0536
Chrome Wind Deflectors, mount onto fork brackets.
VT No. Year
50-1008 1983-up FLHT/FLHR
50-1067* 1986-up FLST
*Note: Can only be used with King size windshields or spot-
lamp bracket.
1980-up FLT Headlight and Spotlamp Kit includes chrome
ABS headlamp housing, 7" round lamp unit and complete spot-
lamp kit and turn signals. Windshield and bracket available sep-
arately. Visors for headlamp and spotlamps available separately.
VT No. Item
51-0242 Windshield
31-0438 Bracket for Shield
33-2036 Spotlamp Kit
1989 FLT
Shown with
Headlamp Trim,
Windshield and
Spotlamp KIt
VT No. 33-0540 Headlamp and Spotlamp Assembly shown.
Order visors separately.
K-D Detachable Windshield/Fairing Kit includes fairing, wind-
shield and stainless hardware. Fairing has a paintable black
molded finish that does not require painting for installation.
Fairings are designed to install onto the factory detachable
windshield hardware. For models without factory detachable
windshield correct mounting hardware must be purchased.
Installs and removes as quickly as stock detachable windshield.
1994-up FLHR
2000-up FLST
51-8002* 51-8102* 1986-99 FLST
51-8002* 51-8102* 1990-up FLSTF, FLSTN
*Note: Requires mounting hardware kit VT No. 31-8051
K-D Detachable