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Adjustable Inner Hub Spacer for
1973-99 wire wheels and most
custom wheel application.
VT No. 44-0639
Front Wheel Assembly Kit for steel hubs only. Contains two
each, bearing, race, seal & one each correct seal spacer. Also
included for certain applications only are two each snap ring
and seal retainer washers. Not included in this kit is the internal
bearing spacer which may be ordered separately. Check listing.
VT No. Wheel Fits
44-0456 Wire 1984-86 FXWG
44-0457* Wire 1984-85 FXST
44-0536* Wire 1986-99 FXST, 1993-99 FXDWG
1984-99 FLT
44-2045 Cast 1992-99 FLSTF
44-2046 Cast 1987-91 FLST
*Note: Does not include snap rings and seal washers.
2000-up Wheel Bearing fits front and rear.
VT No. OEM Fits
12-0592 9267 All FXD, FXST, each 3/4"
12-0390 9247 All FLT, pair
12-0631 9276 ST Front, pair
Wheel Bearing Greaser. Fitting & spigot greases
1973-99 tapered bearings without removing seals,
use existing seal spacer or purchase separately.
VT No. Item
16-0803 Tool
44-0303 Collar
Front Wheel Bearing, Race and Seal
Kit contains 2 each, bearing, race and
proper seals. Three kits available.
VT No. Fits
44-0417 1984-94 FXR cast or wire
1984-99 All FX-FLT-FXST Cast or wire,
1991-99 Dyna cast or wire
Wheel Seals. Note: VT No.14-0139 and 14-0658
feature metal housing all others are rubber covered.
James VT No. OEM
14-0659 14-0140 47519-83A 83-99 FX,, 85-99 FLST,
Front/Rear Wheel
Double Lip
14-0182 47519-83 1983-84 As Above
XL FXR Front Internal
Hub Kit includes all inter-
nal parts for complete
rebuilding of all alloy front
hubs. Includes inner spac-
er, bearings, races seals
and seal spacer matched
for each year group. Hub is not included.
Wheel Bearing Kits
VT No. Type
44-0537 Single Disc
1984-91 FX-FXR, 1984-91 XL
1992-94 FXR, 1992-99 FXDL
44-0611 Single Disc/ 2000-up FXD, XL
Dual Disc
Cast or Wire wheel
*Note: Order spacer shims separately.
Chrome Axle Nut Caps Set for both axle nut and axle head
where required, set screws and hex key wrench. Each cap
has an internal hex to allow more thickness for the set screws
thread to eliminate thread stripping.
Note: These axle caps will not work on late model rear axles
with cotter key locking devices.
Front Rear
37-0039 37-8885 1984-94 FXST
Does Not Fit Rear 1989-94
1988-94 FXR
37-8880 37-8885 1982-87 FXR
37-0039 37-8885 1982-86 FXWG
37-0039 37-8884 1980-81 FXWG
37-8885 1981-85 FX, Except FXWG-FXST
37-8884 1973-80 FX, Except FXWG
37-8886 1971-72 FX
2000-up FXSTD
37-0041 2000-up ST
2007-up FXST
37-0042 2000-up FXD
37-0039 37-8885 1980-94 FLT
Does Not Fit Rear 1989-94
2000-up FLT-FLHR
37-0039 37-8885 1981-84 FLH
37-0039 37-8884 1973-80 FLH
37-0039 37-8886 1972 FLH
Note: 37-8880 each, remainder in pairs
Axle Nut Covers