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VT No. 30-0535 VR-101 OO
VT No. 30-0536 VR-138 PP
VT No. 30-0539 VR-171 SS
VT No. 30-0540 VR-174 TT
VT No. 30-0538 VR-167 RR
VT No. 30-0537 VR-159 QQ
Chrome Hardware Kits for 2002-up V-Rod by Colony
VT No. Item
2154-3 Front Axle Nut and Spacer Kit
2156-4 Rear Axle Nut and Spacer Kit
2157-10 Front Brake Rotor Screws
2158-11-PRear Shock Mount Kit
2160-1 Motor Oil Filter Plug and Dipstick
2161-2 Front Axle Cover Set
2163-2 Rear Axle Cover Set
2167-2 Upper Case Plug
2168-22-PCam Cover Mount Kit
2169-15-POil Pan Mount Kit
2170-9-P Water Pump Cover and Thermostat Housing
2171-17-PClutch Cover and Secondary
Clutch Alternator Cover Mount Kit
2172-16-PAlternator Cover and Derby Cover Mount Kit
2173-3-P Sprocket Cover Mounting Kit
2174-8 Front Fender Mount Kit
2175-4-P Upper and Lower Front Fork Bracket Mount Kit
2176-8-P Frame Assembly Kit
2177-8-P Foot Rest and Gear Shifter Mount Kit
2178-4-P Headlamp Mount Kit
2179-7-P Windshield Mount Kit
2180-12 Chrome Handlebar Lever Mt & MC Cover Allen Screws
1021-P Polished Allen Show Bike Kit
Chrome Hose Shield fits V-Rod models.
VT No. 42-0965
Motor Oil Filler Plug/Dipstick with O-Ring.
Replaces 26541-01K.
Fits 2002-up VRSCA.
VT No. 2160-1
Upper Crankcase Plug and Gasket Kit.
Custom knurled and decorative chrome plug
with gasket. replaces 1034M and 6298M.
VT No. 2167-2
Rear Axle Covers add a smooth, finished look.
Easily installed with a set screw. Fit 2002-up
VT No. 2163-2
Front Axle Nut and Spacers Kit available
with grooved or smooth spacers. Replaces
43642-01 spacers.
VT No. Type
Rear Axle Nut and Spacers Kit available with
grooved or smooth spacers. Replaces 43571-01
and 40437-01 spacers. Fits 2002-up VRSCA
VT No. Type
Front Brake Rotors Mounting Kit includes
custom button head style chrome torx screws.
Replaces 376M. Fit 2002-up VRSCA.
Contains 10 pieces.
VT No. 2157-10
Chrome Shock Absorber Mounting Kit
includes spacers, allen screws, washers and
nut. Fit 2002-up VRSCA.
VT No. Allen
2158-11 Knurled
2158-11-P Polished
V-Rod 2002-up Uses Stock Head Pipes. Replaces Muffler
VT No. #
Long Cannons
Street Sweepers
Long Slashers
Short Slasher
Rip Saws
Big Guns 2
" V-Rod
Chrome Billet Mid Shift Kit fits 2002-up V-Rod models.
VT No. 22-0723