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Chrome Billet Phantom 41mm Fork Assembly
Features hidden top bolt and lower clamp assembly screws.
Kits include ball milled lower legs and axle to fit 11.5" rotor
and caliper, 1984-99 type.
3 Rake 5 Rake
Stock (31")
Chrome Billet Forge Triple Tree Set fits 41mm tubes, includes
1" stem, hidden top fork tube caps and collet clamp at lower
tree and head lamp mount.
VT No. Type
24-0746 Stock
24-0746 Installed
Phantom Billet
Fork Assembly
Chrome Billet Phatt Fork Kit features smooth top tree, massive
fork tube covers, hidden fork stops, smooth billet lower legs and
hidden axle. Trees are stock FXST rake. Available in stock (31") to
+12" extended length. Use 11
" single disc and caliper assembly.
Order tree set and leg set separ
ate as tw
o n
Tree set
includes upper covers and leg set includes lower covers in correct
length for tube application. Note:
ts listed on this page are not
le with an
y other trees or legs in this catalog.
VT No. Length
24-9000 Trees Only Stock Rake
24-9007 Trees Only 0 Rake for Raked Legs
24-9013 Trees Only 3 Rake
24-9014 Trees Only 5 Rake
For Stock Rake Trees
For Rake Trees
Leg Assembly
Leg Assembly
24-9001 Stock 31"
24-9015 Stock 31"
24-9019 +8"
24-9010 +10"
24-9020 +10"
24-9012 +12"
24-9021 +12"
Phatt Fork