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Chrome Billet Pushrod Cover and Lifter
Base Kit fits TC-88 models.
VT No. 42-0937
1999-up TC-88 Chrome Lifter Top
replaces 17964-99 front and 17966-99
VT No. 10-0811
Chrome Billet Pushrod Cover Set fits
TC-88 engines include seals and O-Rings
necessary. Replaces 18096-00.
VT No. Item
11-0943 Billet Kit
11-9969 Inner Steel Tubes
TC-88 Chrome Lifter Block Covers feature
hidden mounting hardware.
42-1025 18278-06 FXD
42-0688 18248-99 All FLHT & Dyna 99-05
42-0689 18262-00 All FXST models 00-up
Chrome Billet Lifter Bases fit TC-88
VT No. 10-0815
Tappet Blocks
TC-88 Pushrod Covers
Chrome Replica Pushrod Cover Kit fits
TC-88 models and includes all pieces
necessary for installation.
VT No. 11-0938
TC-88 Replacement
Hydraulic Lifter replaces
18538-99. Sold each.
Standard size.
VT No. Brand
10-0820 Sifton
TC-88 V-Thunder Hydraulic
Roller Lifters available in
High Energy which is a perfor-
mance replacement for the
stock lifter or Pro Magnum
which is designed to perform
at higher engine speeds. Both
feature a unique anti-pump up
retainer designed to replace
the stock retainer clip which
precisely limits plunger travel.
STD size, sold each.
VT No. Item
10-8750 High Energy
10-8751 Pro Magnum
Crane TC-88 Hydraulic Roller
Tappet provides improved RPM
capability, superior reliability and
quieter operation. Features
include use of a precision, hard-
ened ball-type valve to provide
superior sealing and lash control.
A rotating check ball prevents
localized wear and pitting.
VT No. 10-2200
Jims TC-88 Powerglide
Standard Tappet Assemblies.
Sold each.
VT No. Type
10-1802 Stock
10-0568 Hydra II
10-0569 Hydro Solid II
Lifter Base Bolt Sets for 2000-up TC-
88 without taper.
VT No. Type
9941-24 Acorn
9942-16 Allen
9942-16-P Allen Polished