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Tombstone Taillight Complete Assembly includes license
plate mount bracket. Bullet lamps are not LED.
33-0305 68002-47C Chrome
Chrome with Bullet Light
Chrome with Bullet Light
33-1973 68002-47B Black
31-0200 68150-47 Plate Bracket, Chrome
Plate Bracket, Black
Tombstone Taillight
Chrome Tombstone Taillight
includes skull rim lens grill. Kits
include die cast chrome taillamp
license plate bracket and chrome
plated steel adapter plate which
will mount to all Big Twin and XL
stock rear fenders, to replace the
original style lamp.
VT No. Item
33-0313 Taillamp w/Rim Custom
33-0190 Kit
33-0191 Kit
Skull Rim is available with
or without blue dot fits early
style tombstone taillamps
and 33-0599.
VT No. Type
33-0434 With Dot
33-2161 Without Dot
Skull Face Tombstone Lamp features die cast construction
with LED board.
VT No. Color
33-0205 Clear
Tombstone Taillamp
features full red lens, to
give side view when lit.
VT No. Type
33-1247 Bulb
33-2208 Lens
Replica Taillight feature black license plate bracket, plastic
lenses and cloth wire loom. Tombstone Tail Lamp Components
available separately.
33-0329 68002-47B Chrome
33-0328 68002-47A Black
33-0558 68085-47
Raw Rim
33-0528 68086-47
Chrome Rim
33-0502 68090-47
Red Lens, Glass with gasket
33-2108 68090-47
Red Lens, Plastic with Gasket
33-2124 68093-47
Clear Top Lens, Glass
33-0146* 68093-47
Clear Top Lens, Plastic, Kit
33-2079 68093-47
Clear Top Lens, Plastic
15-0413 68121-47
Clear Top Lens, Gasket
15-0305 68122-47
Red Lens Gasket
15-0208 68123-47
Beaded Mount Gasket
15-0323 68123-47
Replica Foam Mount Gasket
33-0498 68135-47
Top Lens Clip
31-0241 68150-49
Replica Plate Bracket
12-2526 68672-38
Chrome Rim Screw
Cloth Wire
*Note: Includes plastic lens, gasket and mounting clip.
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