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1. Install the Proper Right
Side Drive Transmission
4. Cut Off Passenger Peg
Mounts and Grind Rails
3. Save the axis
tube, swing arm
bolts and bearings
these can be
2. Remove Wheel and
Swing Arm
5. Mark Fender Struts
and Cut off Both Sides
at the Same Angle. You
can re-use these later.
6. Center Up
Install Brake
Setup of Your
Choice and
Install Belt
7. Note that if You Swap
Fender Struts From Side
to Side, You Can Weld
Them to Both Sides at
the Same Angle. You can
re-use these later.
8. Check all clearances and
Installation requires an
xperienced tec
Swing Arm
Fitting and spacing curved strut set VT
No. 50-0583 to stock ST style frame to
use 11" fender 51-0705 swing arm, 280
x 18 Metzler and GMA Brake Pulley
Combo (23-4537) that allows use of
1.5" belt.
280" Wheel
1991-99 ST Wide Right Side Drive
Swing Arm in conjunction with parts
listed allows use of 280-300 rear tire
with a 1.5" belt. Swing arm is 2" longer
than stock ST tail section includes
adjuster and 1" axle.
VT No. Item
51-0705 Wide Swing Arm
20-0375 70 T Pulley
50-0242 Strutless Fender
31-0879 Fender Tabs
20-0531 Belt, 1.5 x 136T
51-0633 Weld On Caliper Mount