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1986-95 Rear Wheel 2.1 Ratio Speedometer Drive Kit fits
FXST-FLST models left side. Use on applications when front
wheel drive unit cannot be installed. Accepts speedo with
12mm fitting.
VT No. Item
36-0417 Cable Only
Electronic Speedo Sensor Unit.
VT No. Years
17-0561 1996-99 FXST
17-0582 2000-up FXST
17-0585 1995-up FXD
17-0595 1995-up FLT
Chrome Speedo Sensor Block-Off
Plate Kit includes plate, gasket and
mounting screw for 1996-up ST.
VT No. 17-0234
Speedometer Drive Kits
Electronic Speedo
1973-up Right Hand Speedometer Drive Adapter Kits.
FLH kit (36-0544) includes 2:1 ratio right side speedo drive,
chrome hub cover and chrome axle with nuts. For single disc
FL spoke hubs and cast wheels 1981-85 style. VT No. 36-0544
FXST-FXWG kit (36-0547) includes adapter flange, 2:1 ratio left
side speedo drive and axle to fit 1980-83 FXWG or 1984-99
dual disc spoke hubs.
VT No.36-0547
Speedometer Calibrator Corrects readings of stock electronic
speedometers when using oversized rear tires or when other
drive train modifications have been done that effect final drive
ratio. Use on all Big Twins.
VT No. Brand
Programmable Transmission
Speedometer Sensor is a fully
adjustable sensor assembly for all 5 &
6 Speed transmissions with electronic
drive speedometer. Allows fast and
accurate adjustments for any tire size,
pulley on gear ratio change.
VT No. 36-0150
Speedometer Sending Unit Wrench features a shortened
3/16" ball end hex bit for removal or installation of hex screw
used on all Big Twin models. Equipped with electronic sending
VT No. 16-6738
Billet Speedo Sensor
Block Off includes screw &
VT No. 17-0592
21" Wheel Speedo Drive Kit
includes drive and adapter ring to
utilize a 2240:60 speedometer on
1973-80 FXWG dual disc and FLH,
single disc.
VT No.
Drive Ring
41mm Push On Fork Tube Clamps to secure speedo cables
and brake lines.
VT No. Style
31-0315 Smooth
31-0316 Groove
Speedo Drive Rings fit on hub to hold speedo
drive tab.
36-0876 2.25"
36-0544 Installed