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FLST Fork Stem and Top fits 1986-up models with 41mm fork
tube use VT No. 24-9959 fork tin set.
Note Sets 24-0304 and 24-0498 do not accept covers or cowls.
24-0270 45605-88 Lower Stem 1986-99 Black
24-0271 45605-88 Lower Stem 1986-99 Chrome
24-0301*45605-88 Lower Stem 1986-99 Chrome
24-0307 45605-00 Lower Stem 2000-up Black
24-0306 45605-00 Lower Stem 2000-up Chrome
24-0263 45456-86 Upper
1986-up Chrome
1986-99 Chrome Top
Black Lower
1986-99 Chrome
24-0304 W/O lock tab Set
1986-99 Chrome
24-0498 Smooth Set
1986-99 Chrome
W/O lock tab
2000-up Chrome
37-0505 4453
Top Nut with Chrome Cover
*Note: Includes lower bearing.
Fork Stem Lock Tabs replace broken, bent
or missing on stock lower triple trees, to be
welded on. Fits 1986-99 FLST.
VT No. 51-0104
41 mm Glide Trees
fit FLST models
Chrome Fork
Cover Kits fit
1986-up FLST in 3
piece tin set or 5
piece which
includes slider
covers, stock
VT No. Item/Style
24-9958 3 Piece Set
24-9959 5 Piece Set
31-0404 Rear Panel Mount Brackets, pair
37-9127 Clip Nut Panel Mount
37-0571 Complete Fork Cover Mount Kit
9981-8 Chrome Screw Kit only
1986-up FLST
Chrome Cover
Kit includes front
panel, left and
right panel, upper
slider covers, side
trim strips and
mount hardware.
VT No. 24-0838
Slider Covers fit 1986-up
FLST model forks. Stock
length is
6 5/8" overall.
VT No. Finish
24-9960 Chrome
24-9986 Stainless
Chrome Fork Cover Side Trim Strips
replace stock alloy type 67891-99 on 1986-
up FLST Softail models.
VT No. 24-9911
FLST Smooth Chrome
Fork Cover Kit. Three
piece kit includes front
panel and matching left
and right panels. Fits all
2000-up FLST models.
VT No. 24-9047